Trial Run: Demo Gameplay Final Fantasy 13-3 Lightning Returns

Today Mitch Trail Runs Final Fantasy Lightning Returns demo that was released on PSN and XboxLive. The demo shows off some of the CGI cutscenes in the game and also some of the in battle systems that have been redone since Final Fantasy 13-2. It also introduces some new and interesting characters that you will have to decide for yourself whether they are on your side or not. Enjoy.

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gamedebater1663d ago

Game is great. It's gonna get some pretty good reviews mainly bc combat / challenge is so refined.

All they need to do now is drop the stupid outfits and replace them with characters.

-Foxtrot1663d ago

The battle system hardly looking challenging, just like the past two games.

A game shouldn't just get good scores because of combat, if the story and gameplay overall isn't good then it isn't good.

gamedebater1663d ago

whats wrong with your brain? the combat is more challenging than the past two games. This is confirmed already.

and yes combat is very important. (dark souls)

DEATHxTHExKIDx1663d ago

The "stupid outfits" is supposed to be reminiscent of the job system in previous Final Fantasies.

gamedebater1663d ago

job system is meant for mutliple characters. this game has outfits like FFx-2

LAWSON721663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I played the demo about an hr ago and I dont know what I think. Storywise I was pretty much saying WTF but the combat system seems to have some depth. The overall quality just is not as high as FF13. I really hope that Cloud outfit gets to be buyable DLC because I really would like to have it but I just am not sure if I should get this day one or not.