Candy Crush Saga developer defends itself in open letter

In the letter, King CEO Riccardo Zacconi answers accusations of IP theft (the company was accused of cloning an indie game based on Pac-Man called ‘Pac-Avoid’), trademarking of the popular word ‘candy’, and blocking indie game The Banner Saga’s bid to trademark its name due to the shared word ‘Saga’ in the game’s title.

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nohopeinc1601d ago

You are a troller of copyrights. You are not protecting your brand by going after a game that uses the word saga in the title but shares no similarity to any of your shitty games.

PeaSFor1601d ago

they cloned ScamperGhost and act like a bunch of douchebags, meanwhile Candy Land also had a King.......way before King tried to steal Candy....

DOOMZ1601d ago

I will never use a King game again! Blatant thieves & rip offs!