Wii U Sells Nearly 6 Million SKUs, 3DS Totals 42.7 Million

Nintendo dropped their financial report for their hardware and software sales, as well as forecasts and revenue reports throughout the year and forward looking into the rest of the year.

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GribbleGrunger1631d ago

Sometimes these articles amaze me:

"The report indicates that the Wii U has shifted a total of 5.86 million stock keeping units. By comparison, VG Chartz is reporting that the number is 5.52, so the latter is working on a discrepancy of about 300,000 units."

VhChartz estimates 'sold to customers' while the recent numbers given by Nintendo are 'shipped numbers' which isn't the same thing at all. I really wish these sites would stop replacing the word 'shipped' with 'sold'. This is what causes so much confusion when sales numbers finally come in for all consoles and handhelds. VGchartz are pretty much on the money with their figures here.

jackanderson19851630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

VGChartz are never close with their numbers and they go about retroactively changing the numbers that they do have listed.... they've been called out on it by numerous sites numerous times

why do you think no other place reports VG Chartz numbers? they're made up of pretty poor estimation techniques.

but once in a while they do get things relatively close but as they say a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it's a 24 hour clock then it's right just once a day)

OT: william usher can't even do one article without taking a pot shot at MS... the man hates MS with a passion it's ridiculous

hellzsupernova1630d ago

I think usually they are pretty close, like you could use hem as a rough guide on how something is doing

GribbleGrunger1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Regardless, the figure Nintendo gave was 'shipped' not sold. It was written clearly in their report.


gaffyh1629d ago

Well as Pachter said, they are good if you are looking at old numbers, but anything from the last 3 months is probably inaccurate.

MsmackyM1630d ago

When Microsoft say themselves that they actually only sold through 3 million consoles with 900,000 sitting on shelves, gaming sites still say 3.9 million sold. Nitpicking over Nintendo's numbers at these point just seem petty.

Hicken1629d ago

I really, REALLY hate cinemablend. Actually, just William Usher, who's such a horrible "journalist" that I don't even want to use the word "writing" to describe what he puts his name on.

Can we ban his articles, please? In order to get any sort of fact out of what should be PURELY a fact-based article, you have to ignore all the links to his other articles- which are similarly demented- and find the few that direct you to other sites. It's just far too much work, and I haven't seen anybody this blatantly biased AND incompetent since... ever.

MsmackyM1629d ago

What the corn in Micheal Pachter's dung are you rambling about? Atleast make your statements berating someone coherent.

Hicken1629d ago

William Usher, the author's article, is a Nintendo fanboy and all-around troll. He's spun shipping 2.8 million units in a fiscal year as good. He spun that number not even being as much as the XB1 sold in two months as good. It's a constant routine with him, and his articles are pretty much the only ones from cinemablend that make their way here.

He has an article saying the Wii U is superior because it had more 1080p games after a year than the other two consoles had before launch(it was one game more than the PS4, and two more than the XB1). He has one claiming victory for the Wii U because it holds onto its sales lead, as if the extra year on the market doesn't exist. He made a comparison video of the GT Academy build of GT6(which was out in like June or July) to the launch version of Forza 5, which was released in November.

He twists or outright ignores facts as he sees fit, all for the purpose making his point, which is usually that Nintendo is superior to Sony and Microsoft, even when it isn't.

Honestly, if you couldn't follow my initial comment, there's something wrong with your comprehension, not my coherence. Seems as though you commented on something you didn't quite understand- my comment- and didn't even bother to do any sort of research before you responded. Did you look at the links in the article? Did you check out his utterly biased body of work? As a writer, myself, I hesitate to call the words he strings together even something as deplorable as propaganda.

It's willful ignorance, spun to perpetuate ignorance and further an unworthy agenda. There's no integrity of any sort involved, journalistic or otherwise.

In short: EVERYTHING written by William Usher is crap, and should not be allowed on N4G, or the internet at large.

MsmackyM1629d ago

I actually read the article and according to known facts it's pretty accurate. I must also state the sheer number of articles that are biased against Nintendo ranging from IGN to whatever basement "jounalist" trolls can gig up is a virtual avalanche compared the practical snowball of non anti-Nintendo articles.