Media Create hardware sales (1/20 - 1/26)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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abzdine1512d ago

PS4 will be out in 3 weeks in Japan! Tsunami incoming!

Cupid_Viper_31512d ago

Too soon man, too soon....

Neonridr1512d ago

yes but you have to count both models of 3DS, so it isn't as close as your chart shows it to be.

Not to mention that sales are down across the board again this week. Must be really slow in terms of releases for these systems in Japan.

sinncross1512d ago

PSV is having a good year so far. YoY its doing better in Japan.

hopefully if the sony event tomorrow is for the PSV, that it will include a bunch of software announcements and maybe worldwide price cuts that will help the PSV continue to excel this year in Japan.

Geobros1512d ago

All sales are down those days...

DarkHeroZX1512d ago

Well what do people expect. Once everyone has one the sales would begin to decline.

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Sanquine901512d ago

Trolls, getting downvotes for saying vita. Someone bashes vita gets upvotes... Nintendo fanboys... Glad i own both handhelds ;)

Hicken1512d ago

Gotta be careful of that. It's happening more and more frequently in certain articles now.

Like the guy above you claiming the Vita is doing terribly while it outsells everything BUT the 3DS.

Whatever. Sales will pick up as soon as the PS4 launches, and assuming they get the compatibility issue sorted out with Vita TV, that'll pick up as well. They get pretty much ALL the games in Japan, so there's no shortage of the good stuff there- though we've got a fair-sized library here, too- so the sales should continue to increase.

Will it outsell the 3DS? Unlikely. It's a shame, in some ways, because the Vita is clearly the better gaming device. And, frankly, the libraries are just about comparable. What drives the 3DS to better sales is the Nintendo name on it, and its focus on a much wider market.

But will the Vita fail? Doubtful. It's far too important a part of Sony's new gaming vision for them to allow it to languish for long.

MatrixxGT1512d ago

Its like people here want it to be worse than it is. I don't think vita will ever set sales records but it will do ok enough and have a long lifespan with plenty of titles and playstation ecosystem features for the system. I enjoy mine its actually best investment I've made in my gaming life. It has games that I normally wouldn't have played before and come to find out they are really great. My 3ds is nice but I know what to expect from the ninty games, with vita its more like a box of chocolates :)

Sanquine901512d ago

@Hicken @MatrixxGT I know guys! But the vita is getting some foothold in Japan... It's better performing than almost any platform... ( Except 3DS)

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