Tomb Raider: PC versus PS4

What's the difference between the PC version of Tomb Raider and the Definitive Edition running on PS4 in terms of graphics? A new video tries to find some answers.

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HeavenlySnipes1546d ago

A whole 5 minutes passed and I was worried another comparison article for this game wouldn't be approved for the 159235390449th time

Ced2141546d ago

But I have my popcorn ready :(

ShinMaster1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Why is the PC version so dark? I almost couldn't see anything @40+ seconds. Lighting looks improved on the PS4 version though.

Agreed, HeavenlySnipes. Justhow many more of these comparison do we need?

starchild1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

The PC and consoles trade punches on this one, but the PC in the end simply has more advantages.

The next gen consoles have some additions that the PC version didn't get, such as animated foliage, physics-animated accessories on Lara, a reworked face for Lara, sub-surface scattering for Lara's skin, and a few other recently talked about upgrades.

However, the PC version also has advantages in some areas: tesselation (which is completely missing on the Definitive Editions), higher res textures, contact hardening soft shadows, higher quality SSAO, higher precision effects in some areas, greater use of motion blur, higher quality texture filtering, higher resolutions, much cleaner image quality due to the ability to use super sample anti-aliasing (vs FXAA post process on consoles), and the ability to run it at a SOLID 60fps or beyond.

That last one is extremely important to me and many other gamers. The XB1 version has a stable framerate, but it is only 30fps. The PS4 version, on the other hand, has a frame rate that averages higher, but fluctuates a lot and is very juddery since it isn't in sync with the refresh rate of the display.

"For the most part, on the PS4 we see frame-rates regularly fluctuating between 40-50fps depending on the complexity of the scene"

"we would have liked an optional 30fps cap in the display settings to eliminate the judder during the frame-rate fluctuations and keep absolute consistency with controller response throughout."

So, the PC version and the newer "Definitive Versions" both have their points of advantage, but I would say the PC version has more advantages.

"A direct comparison with the PC version set to the ultimate quality preset reveals some large discrepancies between the Definitive Editions compared with the full-fat PC experience. Aspects such as tessellation are missing on the characters and environments, with some of these elements appearing more blocky on the PS4 and Xbox One as a result. Meanwhile, motion blur is used much more sparingly, while texture resolution is noticeably lower in some cases."

"Does the much cheaper PC version of the game feature all the non-Lara based enhancements found in the Definitive Edition? Well, no. However, some seriously impressive effects found in the PC game - like tessellation, for example - are nowhere to be found on next-gen console."

"That said, the extra crispness and clarity available on the PC game due to higher-resolution assets and better filtering are a big draw for the platform"

"For those wondering how it fares in comparison to the PC version, the choice isn't quite so clear-cut. The open nature of the platform means that hardware upgrades and customisable graphics settings allow the user to dictate the resolution and frame-rate based around the compromises that are most important to them - so if you want a rock-solid 60fps and you're prepared to trade TressFX to achieve it, that's no problem at all.

Running with the ultimate preset enabled and the original TressFX in action, it's clear that the Definitive Edition delivers an upgrade in select areas, but fails to trump the PC game in all respects. Certainly, when it comes to running at 1080p60 - or with even higher resolutions and frame-rate - no other platform can truly offer a PC-beating experience."

yezz1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Almost all games look the best on PC with ultra settings, BUT the "pc version" isn't the same for all machines.. So while you present these pc advantages we must remember that majority can't run all the games on max settings and hit 60+fps.

ShinMaster1546d ago

Why do you guys try so hard?

@ yezz

Yup, that's the detail they seem to skip. Not all PCs are built equally and most people can't run all games on max/ultra settings @60fps+.

starchild1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I don't know why you guys use that excuse.

This isn't a performance-for-the-dollar comparison. Nor is it a which-platform-has-more-people -that-can-play-it-at-this-qual i ty comparison.

This is a comparison between different versions of a game. Two different platforms. The PC is a single platform, just as the PS4 is a single platform.

There isn't a version of this game for people with Nvidia cards and a version for people with AMD cards. There is only one version for PC no matter what hardware you have. Different hardware configurations can all run the game at the maxed out quality settings, the difference is in how many fps each hardware configuration will get.

In any case, it is entirely correct to say something like "the PC version is the superior version", and it doesn't matter how many people can run it at that level. It doesn't matter if only 5 million PC gamers can run it maxed out, it doesn't change the fact that it is indeed better.

Only about 4 or 5 million people own PS4s right now. Does that mean that the PS4 version of Tomb Raider doesn't look better than the PS3 version?

I don't even have the highest end rig, but I can still play 98% of PC games at their highest settings.

The other important thing to realize is that while not every PC gamer may be able to play a certain game at its highest graphical settings right now, eventually all those PC gamers will upgrade and WILL be able to play it at those settings.

It only makes sense to show what is possible on the PC at its best --whether it's for PC gamers that can run it that way right now or PC gamers that will eventually run it that way.

yezz1546d ago

No you don't get my point at all. I can't just buy the "PC version" and expect the quality shown in this video, because it depends on my hardware.

"Only about 4 or 5 million people own PS4s right now. Does that mean that the PS4 version of Tomb Raider doesn't look better than the PS3 version?"

The amount of owners have nothing to do with it. Those versions are the same with every owner while PC version depends on hardware.. Can you understand what I'm saying?!

I'm interested to see these kind of comparisons but I would also like to see the comparison with PC version on a bit lower settings and few options turned off, because huge amount of people play them that way. It would give information for more people.

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pandehz1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Pc version textures are significantly better on walls, ground, etc

Also Pc version lighting feels more natural while the so called definitive version is overblown.

Level contrast on pc make it look more defined while ps4 looks a bit flat. Also ps4 has some artificial saturation on certain areas like mountain peaks are extra blue etc while pc enjoys a more accurate colour contrast over the spectrum.

Both look good but definitely not definitive.

Also there are some intentional aesthetic changes such as sunset lighting changes, skin tones etc so we cant even judge that.

In the end it doesnt really matter much here. Both look to provide a good experience. Sometimes these comparisons arent necessary and are only made to feed nitpickers or flamebait?

BX811546d ago

To me the PC version looked better but not a super big difference. It's really good to see devs not make games the same across the board. They took advantage of each system.

guitarded771546d ago

The only difference I could see what the lighting contrast. The distinction between dark and lit areas in the PC version was very distinct... especially with the fire in the background in one of the night scenes. The PS4 seemed to have the contrast and brightness raised, lessening the effect of the lighting. Other than that, they looked graphically the same.

ABizzel11546d ago

Honestly this is kind of pointless until we know what the specs. are for the PC.

That being said the PS4 versions is every bit as good especially since it's still the same game, but if you have a PC sporting a GTX 760 / HD 7950 or higher then obviously you should be playing more of your games on PC to begin with, and Tomb Raider is dirt cheap on PC making it the better deal anyway.

There's no need to compare PC to consoles, you either have it or you don't, and if you have those GPUs then you're buying a console only for exclusives.

starchild1546d ago

I don't really agree. It's not that simple. There are lots of reasons to do comparisons...e.g. for those that are interested in graphics technology, to help people with multiple platforms decide which version to get, to satisfy people's natural curiosity, etc.

And graphics aren't the only reason people might choose one version over another. They also consider things like which platform most of their friends play on, where they have most of their achievements or trophies, controller preference etc.

But knowing the technical differences gives people more info in order to make a more informed buying decision.

ABizzel11546d ago

"But knowing the technical differences gives people more info in order to make a more informed buying decision."

Come on star. You can't sit here and tell me, PC gamers don't know the technical aspects of their rig, especially for a game that's been out for a year, and has multiple benchmarks on just about any PC gaming site. The only time PC gamers are concerned are when quotes like "Can it run Crysis" came up back in 2007/08. Any mid-range GPU in the last couple of years can run PC games at solid framerates and resolutions. The only people who need to be informed are console gamers thinking of buying PS4 or XBO.

This is only for showing how it compares to the PC, and it's a decent showing for the PS4, but at the end of the Day a high end PC always wins. Which is why if you're a PC gamer with a high-end rig you're only buying a console for exclusives, and possibly multiplayer with friends / family.

The whole point of a high-end gaming PC is to max games out in resolution / fps / graphics / possibly mods, and a little music or video editing, and maybe even game design. But ultimately it's about playing the game as the developer envisioned it, and 9 times out of 10 you're getting the game on your PC if it's a high-end rig.

nome231546d ago

Too tell you truth, not many people care about the graphics they just play the game like freid does, but I bought it for pc for many reasons.
1.graphis look better on pc then 720p on ps3 cheaper on pc
3.You play the game just the way the developers attend to.

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