Xbox Fitness review - XB1

X-ONE Magazine reviews the Xbox One's dedicated fitness app Xbox Fitness.

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Kevin263851630d ago

I am really enjoying Xbox Fitness so far. My only issue is exactly what the review mentioned. The Kinect can lose you and it is frustrating in the middle of a workout.

There are two exercises during P90X - Shoulders and Arms where the Kinect refuses to pick up my movements. However, still a great workout tool. Hopefully they can refine it soon!

giovonni1630d ago

I haven't tried p90x I do use the fitness for cardio work outs and such though, and it tracks me better

Kevin263851630d ago

Have you ever had it crash on you? I have done 10-15 workouts and it P90x crashed for the first time this week. It probably has to do more with Xbox One though...

giovonni1630d ago

@kevin it crashed on me once, two weeks ago. It went to the home screen with out me asking it to, it reset my whole work out

Volkama1630d ago

It's so sad watching your points and challenges disappear because of a crash :|

I have also found that Kinect can go a bit weird if you snap Xbox Music. It starts ignoring you for some really simple exercises (jumping jacks or suicide drills for example).

BallsEye1630d ago

Hmmm. My wife uses kinect fitness (dunno why tho...she's thin!) and kinect never have problem with tracking her. Maybe there is something wrong with you calibration in settings menu? Did you set up floor height and so on?

Anyway, I recommend Just Dance 2014! It's really awesome. I dont play these kind of games but loving JD2014 especially it's competitive online mode :D Had a party of our lives with friends recently by some good and JD2014.

Dehnus1630d ago

You can be very thin and still be unhealthier than someone who is "fat". It all comes down to your diet and how much you exercise. Some people just have a very fast metabolism.

So your wife is very correct to work out, it won't hurt her and keep her healthy :).

BallsEye1630d ago


Yea I'm glad I bought XO ad she exercises with it. Not that she needed it but it's a good thing. Recently she even became my sidekick when I lift my weights. Aside from daily activities, I'm a hardcore gamer and yet I love the multimedia and workout additions that it has to offer(hated using wii for that stuff!). Glad MS created all in one box. There is just so many stuff to there aside from gaming, that it's almost always on.

Play2Win1630d ago

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