10 games to perfect your teamwork before Destiny

Your Fireteam will need you to be in peak condition so warm up with some of these team-building co-op experiences.

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pandehz1662d ago

Teamplay without Battlefield?

Well umm...

I would list some mmos before any of these especially the ones that use the famous triad (tank,dps,heal) if you know what I mean. That is when teamwork is at its strongest definition.

After that would come this poor list.

Ced2141662d ago

Who knows, Destiny might be able to pull it off.

YellowTempes1662d ago

I don't want to get old and keep playing under the tank/healer/dps teamplay-style. Why can't games find new metas for co-op play?

pandehz1662d ago

Not saying we have to stick to the old style. I'm talking about the practice that the author is talking about.

The triad method is easily the closest to any kind of teamplay at the moment. If any of them mess up the entire party is in jeopardy.

YellowTempes1662d ago

While I agree that the 'triad' method of team-play is highly effective, I feel like it is very old. Not only myself, but companies also feel this way (with all their market research) and they don't even include a pure healer class anymore but spread healing among all classes(GW2, ESO).

I would personally very much enjoy a game that has no burst-healing at all. Requiring healing means (to me) that I was not skilled enough during my play and that I deserve to die until I can perform the task perfectly.

I hope in the future that games will focus more on mechanics and skill rather than character stats.

daedra1662d ago

Same everything from Halo 2, just super hd graphics. Nuff said. Bring back clans!!!!

MR123_C1662d ago

COD ghosts but no battlefield or killzone? What a crap list!