Penello Clarifies "Ryse Best Looking Game On Any Platform" Claim, "Platform Means Consoles, Not PC"

Recently Microsoft's Albert Penello in GameTagRadio podcast stated that all debate on "Resolution-Gate i.e multiplaform AAA games running at lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4 debate" are OVER BLOWN. He also claimed that Xbox One still has the best looking game on ANY PLATFORM till date, and its none other than Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome.

hese BOLD claim didn't go down too well with fans especially PC gamers, and as a result Penello received some not so good feedback/comments from them on Reddit. The feedbacks were so negative that Penello was forced to issue a detail clarification.

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Kayant1636d ago

Not like it matters because he completely side-tracked from the issue at hand which was multi-plat differences not exclusives performance. Exclusives have always shown more of a system is comparable of.

Anyone can make the argument that KZ:SF is a better looking game if they wanted. It was his opinion just like it's mine to disagree.
However, if you talk about facts as in the technology and techniques used in the games then KZ > Ryse most of the time.

It's funny to see he has still yet to go back to gaf.... I wonder why :p.

abzdine1635d ago

Penello damage control talking.

MightyNoX1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Someone contact Sony so they can reset that clock they have for whenever MS' PR trips over themselves.

GTgamer1635d ago

Every time I hear that statement it really makes me think that he thinks that Ryse couldnt of been done on the PS4 but we alllllllll know that's not the case.

cleft51635d ago

Either way, this is just his opinion and some of us disagree. On top of that, the things that they had to sacrifice to make Ryse look as good as it does, doesn't speak well for the capabilities of the Xbox One. Ryse is a fantastic looking game, but I don't know that it is the next-gen game that I would way my flag around.

The Xbox One is going to have a lot of great games coming to it. I wish Penello would focus on that instead of trying to indirectly imply that the Xbox One is the most powerful console on the market, because it isn't.

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

That's your opinion Penello.

Mine is that Killzone SF looks better and runs better (runs better is actually a fact). 30-60fps >>>30fps with dips into the teens.

The fact that the $100 cheaper console has the best looking games is amazing. I could never imagine gaming on an X1 only and knowing i could be playing better looking games for $100 less than what i spent. If the gap is this apparent at the start, it's only going to get bigger.

Kryptix1635d ago

Penello's statement doesn't answer the question on why the PS4 is running multi-platform games better than the Xbox One.

It's really more damage control, this time he's using misdirection to make the fanboys talk about something else other than the primary topic.

We're not stupid, we all know the truth.

Boody-Bandit1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Penello and ALL of MS's PR really needs to just stop. The PS4 is a more capable machine, PERIOD. Graphics is not just "appearance" but also performance. This is where Penello and the rest of those that mention Ryse vs other games just look foolish.

Textures, resolution, animation, frame rates, effects, physics, amount of info on screen, scope n scale, amount of information on the disc (size of the game, length, modes, options and features, online and offline capabilities) all get lumped into this. Ryse is a very shallow game, not 1080p, can't even maintain 30fps (dips into the low teens in frame rates), simplistic combat engine that doesn't evolve and just not a whole lot of content / value.

Meanwhile all multiplat games run better on PS4 hardware and personally I feel KZ:SF is a much more impressive game visually considering all I wrote above and just a much better game overall. And yes, I have played them both and I don't have bias or an axe to grind. The only thing for me that stands out in Ryse is the character models and facial animations.

I just don't understand why MS and their PR machine keep banging this drum same drum over and over. It comes off as petty and desperate. They need to throw a net over it and focus on exclusive games and acquiring or creating new IP's / franchises.

ZodTheRipper1635d ago

This guy is really really bad at his job. A little bitch in such a position won't help Microsoft at this point.

FITgamer1635d ago

Someone needs to put a muzzle on that man.

truefan11635d ago

Ryse is the best looking console game and this view is shared by many gaming analyst. ps4 fans are so funny with their complaining, PS ps4 is not the perfect system you think it is.

LostDjinn1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Agreed FITgamer.
Every time he opens his mouth it's like someone fired a high-velocity diarrhea cannon. I'm sick of the needless mess.

Edit: Looks like someone's mounted an aforementioned cannon directly above me. Come on now. Someone's got to be manufacturing the damned things. We need to find out who and put a stop to it! :P

scott1821635d ago

Ryse definitely has the better character models and is made by a top company known for graphics, nobody can deny that. But overall I would say Killzone sf does more on screen with a lot more great tech at one time.

It doesn't really matter though, you can't convince xbox fans so bent on everything xbox being better, even hard facts are thrown out the window. Like 1080p, and close to 60 fps just on top of all the great graphical features.

Bdub20001635d ago

That's not damage control, that is him speaking his opinion, but because so many Sony fanboys got all butt hurt he has to do the politically correct thing and clarify...

johndoe112111635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


The same can be said about killzone but I bet your pc browser can't visit those sites that say so can it? Also, the ps4 may not be perfect yet it's alot better hardware wise than the xbone. What exactly does that say about the xbone?


They're manufactured at microsoft head office. I heard Zynga bought some recently.

johndoe112111635d ago


Reading, try it sometime, it's not as hard as you think. He was responding to the pc community not the sony community.

SilentNegotiator1635d ago

Even excluding PC, that statement is BS.

frostypants1635d ago

This guy is such a dumb clod. Why do they let him out of his cage?

Giul_Xainx1635d ago

Ryse.... it is a nice tech demo and that is it. As far as an actaul game...... no.... Datura is worth more than Ryse.

JokesOnYou1635d ago

Well that's because it's true.

Ju1635d ago

Makes me wonder why DF did never an in depth analysis of the final game...would be an interesting read.

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rafaman1635d ago

"Whether you're storming the beaches of Britannia or exploring Rome itself, you'll be stunned by how much better Ryse looks than anything else you've ever played."

"Ryse might just be the best looking game we've ever seen on a console. Developer Crytek has a long history of creating stunning looking titles in the Crysis series, but this really looks a cut above what we've witnessed elsewhere. Lighting reflects off armour beautifully, fire effects are a joy to behold while the art style is simply lovely. If this is what the next-generation is capable of, we're more than happy with the results.

Players will be taking charge of Marius Titus, a Roman general and all round badass warrior. Ryse

- See more at:

"Most of you will agree with me if i say Ryse: Son of Rome is the "Best Looking Next-Gen Game" on either consoles."

Also, IGN says Ryse is the best looking too.

just check this IGN video on Youtube and they will say it is the best . ;)

Kayant1635d ago

Again their opinion not fact.

Facts say KZ > Ryse technically.

Utalkin2me1635d ago

Really you're posting youtube videos? Trying to make IGN more money? Arabicgamers and gamepur, WTF..Just embarrassing.

frostypants1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I'm not sure why people are even discussing this. The game irrefutably f*cking blows regardless of how pretty it may or may not be. Penello should be trying to make people forget this game...

SmielmaN1635d ago

How do you know those no name sites weren't swayed with the MS "say only nice things about our stuff for money and if you tell anyone we can sue you" contract for hits?

Credibility = 0000000.0

JokesOnYou1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Of course it's opinion same as when many sites said KZ 2 had the best graphics at that time...generally speaking it did. Why not quote ign and others= Ryse has THE BEST GRAPHICS ON CONSOLES.

Next it's "micro paid them off", lol instead of a glowing review just say it's the best looking game, lol that's smart= excuses, excuses.

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ALLWRONG1635d ago

Killzone looks better than Ryse? Sorry guys but wishes aren't real.

rafaman1635d ago

I really offended some guys above when I posted some magazines stating that ryse is the best looking. LOL

I bet if these same magazines were saying the same about KZ, then they would give credit to them. People are so impartial...

jetlian1635d ago

Let cry about it. Soon ps4 will take it over but 4 now its ryse


OK so I have a serious question, and I would like a serious answer, as I am not a pc gamer. What game (in its genre) looks better than Ryse on the PC??

CYCLEGAMER1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago ) the disagree.

I am going to assume that there is no 3rd person pc game that looks better than Ryse right now. So why is this even a story??

Bdub20001635d ago

Too many fanboys around here to get a serious question answered honestly. They all hide behind the disagree button because they have no response or intelligent rebuttal. Until the gaming community grows up, don't expect too much help around here...

webeblazing1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

its not too many games like this on any platform period. if your talking about a action type game then batman orgins or AC, but theyre a different type of game than ryse. i dont know why pc devs dont make a lot GOW and DMC type games on pc. but than again alot of people would of brought it on pc. its only a few hack and slash games worth playing. its good effort though. if your talking about the setting medieval time taking seige to the castle been done. Chivalry Medieval Warfare looks better. but then again ryse do look good even if it has low resolution.

people care for dept with their games on pc that why they always loved DMC. the game do look great but this is crytek so thats no surprising. you should see crysis3 on pc.

and with the 3rd person pc games its too many to post. most games have this feature so it would be no point saying 3rd view is a genre. its 3rd person view most graphic games out have feature to hit a key then your in 3rd person. ryse is a hack in slash action game. at least know the genre you hyping up.

Bdub20001635d ago

Yeah, when an x1 game looks better it's opinion. When a ps4 game looks better, it's a fact.

Magicite1635d ago

why would PC not to be a platform?

Jihaad_cpt1635d ago

Its the Xbox One spin definition

assdan1635d ago

Not to mention, the physics, background assets, etc. are far harder to run than ryse. Also higher res.

Chanogram1635d ago

Gaf is a joke. They were complete A-holes to him there. Why would he want to go back?

Back-to-Back1635d ago

No need for him to clarify his statement.

Killzone SF is the default best looking next gen game. The only people who nay say this are
1. XBOX One only owners
2. Havent played ShadowFall


I owned both, and I will say that they both look good in their own rights as one is a first person shooter and the other is a 3rd person action game. Killzone is pretty but Ryse def looks more realistic.

3-4-51635d ago

It barely qualifies as a game.

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Hellsvacancy1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

The game is also "one of" the worst games across platforms, he forgot to mention that part

ritsuka6661636d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Killzone: Shadow Fal 73 metacritc

Ryse: Son of Rome 60 metacritc

Both games are terrible.

[email protected] I honestly found the game to be mediocre at best. The Graphics are quite great , but the way the game plays just feels so... average.

KUV19771636d ago

While I liked Killzone 2 and 3 more, ShadowFall is far from terrible.

Hellsvacancy1636d ago

Did I not say "one of" the worst games?

Besides, 73 is a bout as average as average can get, 60 is below par

Rainstorm811635d ago

I bought BF4 at launch and KZ in a deal 2 weeks ago.

I gotta say its not terrible at all, I'm enjoying it more that the clusterfu*k that is BF4

Off topic, after this launch I really doubt I'll be buying very many EA games this gen

MasterCornholio1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

A 73 on metacritic means the game is decent not bad. A 60 on the other hand......

listenkids1635d ago

TIL 73 overall, great graphics and average gameplay means terrible.

abzdine1635d ago

i will resume playing SF when they release the last patch cause that game is unplayable right now.
looks great but so boring to play i never play it for more than 30min

Bathyj1635d ago

If you found Killzone gameplay terrible, than your playing it wrong.

Deividas1635d ago

You sir, have got to stop drinking the kool-aid.

Thehyph1635d ago

I won't defend Shadow Fall.

I've played every Killzone minus the PSP one, and Shadow Fall just didn't do it. It looks great. The mechanics are tight. The campaign objectives were awful. Naturally, I had people come over to see the ps4 in action, and I had to stop using Killzone, even though it makes the most sense of its graphics. Here, find your way around this abandoned space ship. Now, make your way around this lame bullet train puzzle. Literally, people buy other types of games to get proper fleshed out experiences of these kinds.

I was more excited about this game than any other launch title, and it was the first game that I had preordered for my ps4. I traded it in towards AC IV. In fact, I'd say that Black Flag, Knack, and even CoD: Ghosts were all superior games to Shadow Fall.

Knack is still the best retail ps4 game for me.

hollabox1635d ago

I got bored with Ryse in Chapter 4 about 2 weeks ago, started playing Dead Rising 3, not looked back since. But yeah from what I've played Ryse is probably tops in terms of visuals out right now. The new KZ I didn't even bother, 1 sucked, 2 had good graphics but horribly laggy controls no reviewer mentioned, and KZ 3 was good, didn't care for the ending but overall enjoyed it enough to beat it.

ThanatosDMC1635d ago

I havent even opened my copy of KZ:SF... it's just there.

I should probably play it.

Utalkin2me1635d ago


Care to explain why it's unplayable for you?

Magicite1635d ago

anything above 70 is far from terrible. You could say it isnt worth your money or time, but then again it would be your personal oppinion.

SmielmaN1635d ago

I really had fun with KZ. Thought the graphics were awesome too. It's only my opinion, but it doesn't qualify as a bad game in any regard. The owl addition was awesome.

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OllieBoy1636d ago

Games are looking worse on a console that $100 more.

That's not overblown, Mr Penello. It's a major issue.

ambientFLIER1635d ago

Um, no. There is no issue. Cost does not always directly translate into power. A car with more features but less power might cost more than a car that is more powerful but has less options. The xbox is more expensive because it includes kinect, not because it's more powerful. People knew that when they were buying it. Nobody is complaining except for the mad ps4 fans/trolls. Xbox owners are enjoying their consoles and perhaps you should too, instead of complaining about it.

Heisenburger1635d ago

It's one hundred dollars more expensive, and it is weaker.

SmielmaN1635d ago

My good friends xbone disc drive broke a month into having it. He's not having fun with it at all. And he tells me the kinect is the most expensive paperweight he's ever bought. You don't speak for everyone buddy.

Ju1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

a) it does not have more features.
b) for $100 more it should be at least in the same performance ballpark (or exceed the competition) and it should have more features.

XiSasukeUchiha1636d ago

Penello bro Ryse is only early gen title it's not late one so still you can't claim this as fact.

Fishy Fingers1635d ago

Personally, although he was dodging the question I actually agree with him. Ryse looks terrific, but unfortunately plays like ass.

LightofDarkness1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Me as well. Yeah, it LOOKS better. But it's not doing nearly as much as KZ:SF is; it's all glorified hallways with static backdrops and usually just a small handful of active enemies (3-5) on screen at once. Killzone has a much more dynamic, semi-open environment with many more enemies at play as well, not to mention the framerate and resolution difference.

But yes, Ryse does LOOK better aesthetically. It's just a pretty mind-numbing game with a below-full HD resolution and a poor framerate.

JeffGUNZ1635d ago

"Plays like ass"? Really? Have you actually played it? I was very surprised. I just got it 2 days ago via gamefly since I beat about all the games I wanted to get at this point. I figured I'd give it a try for at least the visuals. I am surprised how good it is from how poorly it was received by critics. Perhaps my expectations were too low so that's why I like it, but the executions are fantastic. I really am enjoying the story and think it's a great game to RENT. It's short and the MP leaves some to be desired, but isnt' something I feel comfortable dropping $60 on. I am shocked that I actually like this game haha.