Amazon Specials-Killzone Shadow Fall $20 Off, Wonderful 101 $23.99, ACIV 50% Off PS3/360 and More

Amazon has some specials. Killzone: Shadow Falls for the PS4 is $20 off, Wonderful 101 is 60% off at $23.99 and there a few other specials to check out.

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Batnut001634d ago

Oh heck yeah, looks like it's time to finally pick up KZ.

FullMetalTech1634d ago

Same here. Also im looking forward to the free content as well. So not a bad deal.

milehighshooter1634d ago

best buy has it for $37.99 and knack is also $37.99

harrisk9541634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

The KZ price at Best Buy is for a used copy. New is $49.00 plus tax... you can't beat Amazon pricing.

milehighshooter1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago ) new is $39.99 so if you are a gamer unlock it will be $31.99 amazon can't beat this !!!

giovonni1634d ago

I brought the Wonderful 101, great presentation but the game is very frustrating it's hard to enjoy it right now, but I'm about to try it again

Loadedklip1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Hang in there. The game gives you almost no hand holding and has a pretty steep learning curve by todays standards but trust me it is AMAZING once you understand it and play the next set of stages after the first operation.

My advice ... buy the unite morphs to block first and spring dodge second.

Do NOT use the touch screen for unite morphs. Use the right stick. Its faster in combat and easier to master.

Dont give up on it ... the pay off is HUGE.

hduce1634d ago

I just bought Wonderful 101 and I struggled at first but once I got the hang of it it is a really cool game. I can't stop playing it I just wish more people would have given it a chance.

giovonni1634d ago

I took your advice and started it over, and I am now on operation 3 or whatever after you fight that big robot, and this game is amazing. My problem was I didn't buy the cake blocking power, but I went back and brought it, and it's been great the super heroes are ridiculously funny They have Wonder Painter, Wonder Beer, and Wonder Kung Fu , lol! If there is a next one they need to fix some of the camera issues but other than that it's dope

Loadedklip1634d ago

Glad you stuck with it giovani. And trust me it juat keeps getting better and better and better. Absolutely brilliant game other than the bad start due to lack of clear explaination on how to play it.