Titanfall will launch without local dedicated servers in Australia

Abbie Heppe Respawn community boss has indicated that Titanfall will launch without dedicated Australian servers.

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majiebeast1698d ago

I do feel for Australians they either have to use US or EU server with 100+ latency's in a lot of games.

Septic1698d ago

Yeah that really sucks. If Azure is so widespread, why not utilise is?

majiebeast1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

No clue but it sucks for them, FPS at 100+ latency is barely playable if playable at all. Lets hope Respawn and EA fix this fast. Even in a mmo 100+ latency is not ideal.

erathaol1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I feel for Australians too.

Its extremely hot there now but when it comes to games they get the worst of it year round.

High game prices, the government is very hard on allowing Teen/Mature games from being localized and even than, the games take a long time to reach them.

I'm sorry guys.


TomShoe1698d ago

This game is slowly slipping into "wait until it's on sale" territory.

Volkama1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Australia gets shafted at every turn, nobody seems to host servers there. Maybe there are some legal complications, maybe cost, or maybe Australasia lacks the required infrastructure for a quality datacentre.

EDIT: Just did a quick google, they have no datacentres in the region. Sydney and Melbourne datacentres "announced, coming soon".

Naga1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Well, everything has to be modified to work upside down in the lower hemisphere. That, and they have to make the server cages kangaroo-proof, as they will otherwise kick the crap out of them. Imagine trying to call in a Titan when all of the sudden, some malicious marsupial pulverizes a tower of servers. Connection down.

It's a disaster waiting to happen. So they decided that for the time being, it's just a safer option to run on servers in geographic locales which don't require such special considerations and titanium reinforcement. It'll take some time.

I'm obviously an expert in all things Australia. In case you couldn't tell.

kickerz1697d ago

I'm Australian (-_-) dang it. and plan to get TitanFall..hope it runs ok

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xfear2diex1698d ago

nice things you have there
the normal for me is 200+ for almost everything
in best case scenario i will reach 150+
singelplayer ftw

Eonjay1698d ago

Yes it sounds bad but the source Abbie Heppe doesn't really seem to have all the facts herself at this point. For example she says that their are no dedicated servers but Azure can't be too far away can it? The servers are owned by Microsoft so if there is enough interest, I'm sure Microsoft can use one of their local servers for gameplay. Its important to remember that as a cloud provider, Microsoft has more business than just gaming. They will provider servers based on local traffic needs in the area.

Volkama1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Oceania has 2 datacentres listed as "Announced, coming soon".

That also means the same thing will apply to almost every multiplayer game on the platform until those 2 are ready.

I imagine it'd be quite easy to find those announcements for details, but I don't live there and I'm a lazy so I can't be bothered :)

IndiaFPS1698d ago

Haha dats nothing when u are playing from India :D

RenegadeRocks1698d ago

Teh power of the CLoud is already gone ?!?!?!

emad-E-three1698d ago

So much for "300,000 servers"!
I say the power of the cloudz s/

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Bolts-N-Rays11091698d ago

Australia gets the dick a lot when it comes to video games. Sucks for the people down under.

mcstorm1698d ago

I agree but then again they deserve it as they get most of the good weather and here in the UK we get rained on all the time so I think that evens things out lol.

Bathyj1698d ago

Maybe the game should just get delayed to make up for you not being able to play cricket.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding, it's good natured. It's just been a while since we could say that. ;)

1698d ago
Volkama1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

@Whatwhatwhat The way I see it if even you don't find your own jokes funny they probably aren't worth telling to other people :)

Edit for the people below I can't reply to: The PC version uses the same Azure servers. There has been no suggestion that it is possible to host games any other way, so this applies to the PC version as well. At least until the 2 Oceania datacentres are good to go.

Oh and until those datacentres are ready you can expect the same deal for almost every game on the platform, not just Titanfall.

mcstorm1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Sorry people who were offended by the lol at the end of my comment. I have found that if I put ;) people dont see it as a joke so that's why I put lol. Jeez cant get a break on this site.

@Bathyj I have to give you that one and there really is no come back England were rubbish in the Ashes but its all good. I have family over there any get stick from them about the weather and cricket a lot, (Well not a lot over the past few years about the Cricket) but over the last few weeks.

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MatrixxGT1698d ago

Yeah and I thought I read austrailia was Xbox One's highest selling territory a little bit ago.

NovasRevenge1698d ago

pathetic microsoft, pathetic

mmc-0071698d ago

ohh you guys didn't know? those 300k severs are only for the US.

Hicken1698d ago

Well, half of that 300K are for our imaginations. Wanna use your XB1 to the utmost? Keep your head in the clouds.

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