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Titanfall Atlas Turtle Beach headset to cost £139.99

The Titanfall Atlas gaming headset from Turtle Beach will be priced at £139.99 in the UK, reports PCR. (PC, TitanFall, Turtle Beach, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

hiredhelp  +   489d ago
Thats it whack name on it bump price come on turtle beach gettimg too much.
Team_Litt  +   489d ago
Don't buy it. Send go r message the way companies know best; withholding of funds.
MxRBrobaFett  +   489d ago
That's like... 7000 dollars in American money I'm pretty sure
KonsoruMasuta  +   489d ago
No, I'm off. I have no idea how much that is.
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Detoxx  +   489d ago
LOL that made me giggle.
Eonjay  +   489d ago
Okay so if you get the controller the headset, the xbox, the special addition... the total cost is over $1000. Thats how you milk a franchise.
Detoxx  +   489d ago
Because when you milk a franchise people buy a console aswell.

Your comment makes no sense.
Eonjay  +   489d ago
The console is needed unless you get it on PC or 360. Even if you don't get the console the game is still 250 for special addition, 200+ (USD) for headset and 65 for the controller. For PC there is also a Mad Catz keyboard. That is milking yes.
LoneWolf019  +   489d ago
How is it milking a franchise when all of the side goodies are optional?
Volkama  +   489d ago
Do you add $400 on to the price when you consider which PS4 games to buy as well? :|
Eonjay  +   489d ago
Well yes. If you don't have it and the game is only on that system.
Volkama  +   489d ago
Fair enough, but doesn't really qualify the "That's how you milk a franchise" context you said it in.

I'll let you off though because I know you're not generally one of those unbalanced lunatics that frequent this site :)
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   489d ago
haha for that price? They are really going to try and stick it to gamers with anything Titanfall related I see. Heck, even the TF controller is ridiculously over priced.
BX81  +   489d ago
$5 more isn't ridiculously over priced. It's over priced for sure but not ridiculously.
Ace Killa 08  +   489d ago
For that price couldn't you get some astros with mix amp???
loulou  +   489d ago

mixamps alone are £100. then you need to buy some decent cans and avoid the overpriced junk a40s.

i've got sennheiser pc360s, but will be getting some audio technica ath adg1s when they release in europe in april.
Ace Killa 08  +   488d ago
Every time I hear Astro I hear Sannheiser to go against it. Never other turtle beaches.
LoneWolf019  +   489d ago
Hmmm maybe ill sell my Px4's and get these instead

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