New Naruto Storm Revolution Gameplay

Namco Bandai Games America held an event showing off some of their games including Naruto Storm Revolution.

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XiSasukeUchiha1573d ago

Looks nice and already figure out tricks for those characters:)

tayz1573d ago

which tricks?! how did you find them 0_0!!!

tayz1573d ago

which tricks!?! how did you find them 0_0!!!

XtraTrstrL1573d ago

This series has the best cell shading for gaming. The new Guilty Gear might be something to rival it, but man, it's like you are watching the cartoon. I hope they bring the series to next gen, I'd like to see if it can possibly look even more like the cartoon.

krontaar1573d ago

Talk about stagnation, looks the exact same as the last 4

But I guess that compliments the show well.

rezzah1573d ago

The look isn't what matters, since it already looks similar to the anime.

They just need to perfect the battle system.

jetlian1573d ago

Thats what he means. Team ninja and or platium need to make it

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