Hearthstone – The Card Game You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Build your deck and play 1 on 1 against players big and small. Along the way, you'll need to make some tough decisions on how you want to build that deck of your dreams, but this is the kind of game that you can succeed without spending money at all. Based on the mystical World Of Warcraft, fans will undoubtedly recognize some if not all of the cards not-so-subtle origins, and enjoy the screaming battlecries of the denizens of Azeroth - telling all who will listen, that they're here to stay. Namely because Hearthstone is such an addictive experience. The almost infinite game-play variations are enough to bring the staunchest of card-haters to the table and it certainly gives enough replayability that makes Hearthstone, the only card game you'll want to play.

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Jdoki1633d ago

I would recommend this to anyone. It's a really nice game.

It looked far too simplistic at first, but there are many layers of strategy.

Balance is not bad. Sure there's the meta game where people find an uber deck combo and then people have to counter it until it plays itself out and the next deck comes along - but that's part of the fun. Blizz are doing OK balancing things with nerfs / buffs.

It is definitely not Pay to Win. There are some 'must have' cards, but these can usually be crafted quite quickly for free.

A couple of tips to get started:

Don't spend Gold on Decks. It's 100G for a free deck of 6 cards. However if you enter The Arena for 150G you will be guaranteed 1 deck no matter how badly you do, plus a bonus (such as Dust for Crafting, more Gold, or a Card). And if you manage three wins or more the bonuses get better and better for each win and you may end up earning more decks and bigger bonuses.

The Arena is a great way to learn how to play effectively. It uses a draft mechanic, so you get a choice of 3 cards to pick one from, and this repeats until you have your 30 card deck. Finding good synergies between the cards you pick is key.

If you find you have 3 or 4 characters you like to play through the Constructed deck format (where you build the decks from the cards you own), then there's nothing wrong with Disenchanting the cards form the decks you won't play to claim loads of Dust which can be used to craft the Rares you might want for your main decks.

Watch guys like TrumpSC and Kripps on Twitch. You'll learn a lot.

Log in daily to ensure you have three quests at all times (quests are given daily), and try to complete at least one quest per day. Quests give Gold which allows you to enter the Arena (or buy decks, but see my earlier tip). I think they've removed the feature at the moment, but you could quit one quest to get a new one - so it could make sense to try for a higher value quest sometimes (Quests give 40, 60 or 100G rewards)

Every three wins gives you 10 Gold, so just relax and have fun. Sooner or later you'll have the gold to get in to the Arena.

If you are going to spend real money - buy more packs. They are better value. If you're thinking of just spending £1.99 for 2 Packs, you would be better off spending £1.49 for an Arena run and hope to get more than three wins for the extra bonuses (which may be 2 or more packs)

Thisaintthebathroom1632d ago

Been wanting to try this for ages, is it really worth me time though?

Warcraft lore sounds awesome but i'm still on the fence about it.

xeno041631d ago

Definitely, Try it out today! it's a small download.

The article is spot on, you come into the game thinking hey it's a card game how great can it be? And find that you're still at hours later..

Or that's been me and my bro's experience.