League of Legends vs Dota 2 – A comparison of titanic proportions

MWEB GameZone brings you a comparison between LoL and Dota 2, featuring player base, prize pools, spectator numbers, longevity and game updates.

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DesVader1693d ago

Really nice in-depth analysis. Well done to the author

HoldenZA1693d ago

I will always love LOL its my favie forever and ever :p

Sillicur1693d ago

I love both equally :) Though Dendi plays Dota 2 !

Choc_Salties1693d ago

Both games are good and enjoyable, needing some serious teamwork to play effectively. Me I prefer League of Legends, but that is a more personal preference due to any game-changing mechanic or settings.

I was shell-shocked with people I used to play with, hence my aversion to Dota... sort of a PTSD incident...

Sillicur1693d ago

Have you ever played HoN? That community scarred me for life!

HanCilliers1693d ago

Dear lawd - has any video game ever boasted such figures as these 2 games? I think both Dota2 and LoL will do more for eSports than any other title.