EA “Incredibly Excited” for Titanfall; Explains Xbox Exclusive; Calls it "Spectacularly Innovative”

Titanfall is on the final stretch towards its release on March 11th and Electronic Arts executives are pumped for the opportunity presented by the new IP. During yesterday’s earnings call Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen and Chief Operative Officer Peter Moore expressed their enthusiasm and explained more about the ins and outs of the exclusive deal with Microsoft.

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Snookies121693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

From what I saw of the alpha, it didn't look that innovative. It looked like a fun, smooth shooter. Fun? Yes. Innovative? Not really. We'll have to wait and see how it shapes up upon release though to really give a definitive answer on it.

Abriael1693d ago

I agree that it's not "spectacularly" innovative, but the free running and titans do bring a measure of innovation to the mix though.

Volkama1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

From anyone else I'd think that's a compliment for the game, but you're the guy that throws the word "Spectacular" around like it's going out of fashion so from you this is quite a damning statement! :)

truefan11693d ago

The verticality, wall running, mix of titans and pilots, is something I haven't played before, so how is this not classified as innovative. Its made by the COD creators, of course there will be similarities. When Destiny comes out, I guarantee is will have some Halo in it. I'm sure by then though ps4 gamers will say that's ok. I can see it now, XB1 players could say Destiny is Halo on another planet and ps4 gamers will get mad.

RGB1693d ago

So the big innovation is just mixing; CoD, Hawken and Mirror's Edge together. :/

Didn't Lost Planet do this in 3rd person form like 7 years ago?

Heck, Starhawk did this too minus fancy jumping (parkour)!

DigitalRaptor1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

@ truefan1

Do you not see what's wrong with your statement? Do you even know the meaning of the word "innovation"?

Verticality has been a part of modern shooters for years. It dates back to games like Quake and Unreal Tournament on PC. Titans/mechs have been in countless PC games among others over the years. Hawken and even Killzone 3 had them. Wall running has been done before. Most recent examples are Brink and Mirror's Edge.

In fact Brink is the strongest example of all the elements of Titanfall has to offer. It's pretty much CoD and Brink with a mech focus. Just because you haven't played all these games and experienced what they've offered the industry for years doesn't mean they define what it is to be innovative today, when they've all been explored and done.

Destiny is an FPS, but it's a completely different genre (action RPG) and focus (persistent online world). I would've thought that as an Xbox fan, you'd know about those differences. So Xbox fanboys could try and turn the tables on PS4 gamers, but it would just be another air of delusion to add to the list.

Look at how this game is getting all the hype but no justification as to why, other than "it's fun". If it's fun then cool, but Starhawk did all this kind of stuff with mechs, and you didn't see it being overhyped or even recognised by the industry at large. Large maps, transforming mechs, land and air vehicles, 16 vs 16 players, all human players, RTS elements to build structures in the heat of battle, and strong, fun gameplay.

This is just EA protecting their investment through dishonest marketing, and the rest is just loyalists hanging on to their every word, even though they're wrong.

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trywizardo1693d ago

face palm (different class of AI in MP game + different class of titan with difference abilities + titan actual have AI + the gameplay is like mirrors edge + halo + cod = not innovative)
ok we'll leave the innovative part for your killzone ....

MRMagoo1231693d ago

Who even brought up killzone besides you, why are Xbone fanboys always so defensive about a game that isnt even exclusive ffs, if the ppl saying they dont like the game or it has problems that need to be ironed out where just jealous about xbone getting the game, wouldnt they just get it on PC?? The game will take a low range pc to play, most ppl on this forum would have the minimum needed to run it.

kiz26941693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

There is no invovation going on in TitanFall apart from the Titans. research the game Brink you find everything Titan fall has to offer in that.

SP based MP
AI assisting the players

Xbox fanboys have really been blinded by this game, and there holding on to it like its the only good game they got. Just let it go its only a MP FPS. COD with Mechs. Its not going to bad but its not going to be mind blowing. To me only a SP experience can blow my mind. Walking around in a mech OPing loads of brain dead AI is not mind blowing fun.

JasonKCK1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I'm so shocked and surprised that PS fans on N4G would have something negative to say about Titanfall. Oh wait, no I'm not.

As far as innovation is concerned. What is EA supposed to say that it's a bad game and you shouldn't buy it?

On topic. In the interview it says "decision to go exclusive was made “a few years ago,” I thought that the decision was made just recently based on the reaction of the devs.

its_JEFF1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

As soon as someone says something that doesn't align with their views, Fanboi's go into a rage. Nobody even brought up KillZone, NOBODY!!!

What is up with FANBOI's on both sides always playing the damn VICTIM? "Oh well, this is a pro Sony/Xbox site, I'm not surprised" What happened to gamers? were most of them replaced by a bunch of hateful, whinny babies? Grow up guys, people have opinions and sometimes they won't be like yours and that's life.

malokevi1693d ago

Well that escalated quickly!

The game is a ton of fun, and that was in Alpha. Renders all fighting irrelevant.

Docknoss1693d ago

@triwizardo- Your statement was painful to read, A Rewards rendition of a Algebra Equation. Practice Facepalming yourself until I get there to do it for you.

SonyAddict1692d ago

Hope you enjoy titanfall at 720p 30 frames per sec

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MrChow6661693d ago

I dont think respawn has unveiled all of the game's features yet

ZodTheRipper1693d ago

I think we saw about 60-70% already with the trailers and the alpha.
Compare it to the other March exclusive Infamous where it's 20% at max.

quaneylfc1693d ago

it is innovative if you think of it in a multiplayer sense

DevilishSix1693d ago

Innovative...yeah no! It's cross between MechAssault 2 (you got out of your mechs and into others on the battlefield) and COD. MEchAssault also had a persistent online war between three factions online that battled for control of the planet.

quaneylfc1693d ago

Mechassault 2 wasn't even an fps. you can't include that, wow it had mechs in, so did avatar: the video game.

DevilishSix1693d ago

My point was Titanfall isn't the first game to have pilots running around and getting in mechs that has been done for over a decade. My other point was it was mostly online with mechs battling for control. I never compared the first person vs third person perspective just like I wouldn't compare it to Killzone 2's multiplayer even though it was first person and had mech. Use your brain and think about peoples comments, not everything is always spoonfeed.

quaneylfc1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )


My point was Titanfall IS the first game to have pilots running around and getting in mechs with freerunning, walljumping, first person shooting story mode/mp hybrid. My other point was it is mostly on line but without ONLY mechs battling for control, human players are dangerous too. I compare the first person vs third person perspective because it makes a game completely different, see: max payne's jumping ability Use your brain and think about how the word innovative is used; it doesnt 't mean innovative in the things that are in it, it means innovative as in THESE FEATURES HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THE SAME GAME AT ONCE, not everything is always SPOONFED*.

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ukchi3f1693d ago

I suppose it depends on what your calling innovative really. There isnt much like it on the market right now, certainly on console anyway. Some of the features are cool and do make it very enjoyable thought, being able to scale walls ect is great fun

Gabenbrah1693d ago

It's not the most innovative game of all time, but it's by far the most innovative MP FPS game since CoD4.

- Titans and Infantry gameplay build from the ground up is new (Mechs not being a side vehicle)
- Mechs being agile and quick like humans is innovative
- The free-running and parkour mechanics are new for a MP FPS
- Implementing AI to make Titanfall kind of like a MOBA FPS is innovative
- Campaign narrative through the MP is innovative

Of course there are plenty of other games that are more innovative, but for the FPS genre, Titanfall is indeed, innovative.

kiz26941693d ago

Everything you just listed, minus the Titans, can be found in Brink, a Multiplayer online SP game with AI assisting the the player, that can parkour around the map. Apart from the Mechs not much innovation here, just people being blinded, thinking this game is gunna be a "game changer" haha.

1693d ago
kiz26941693d ago

[email protected] You just stating things that sound better than brink, I wasnt saying Brink is better but it features most of the "Innovated" features in TitanFall. Your comment about Killzone didn't really land. I have never enjoyed a game more than Killzone the gameplay just feels right. And the MP is far from dead, playing in a bit, full servers all around, and a whole year of free DLC and new features being added from the community forum. Stop being so defensive over a COD with Mechs. Again i'm not hating the game, I will play on PC enjoy it most likely, just stop being so blinded by this game being a "game changer".

LightofDarkness1693d ago

"Stop being so defensive over a COD with Mechs."

Then immediately thereafter:

"Again i'm not hating the game"

I don't think people actually listen to these things in their heads before they type/say them. You stay classy, N4G.

JeffGUNZ1693d ago

@ Kiz

"COD with Mechs".

Right there your whole argument is out the window. Stop hating and trolling. Everyone who has played this game, not just alpha testers, but people at expos have praised this game and stated it is fresh. No one who has actually played it refers to it at all like COD with mechs and the alpha did not remind me of COD at all.

Stop. Just stop. Go play KZ and stop posting in every X1 article, it's a little pathetic don't you think? Comparing this game to Brink is a complete and utter joke as that was the biggest piece of garbage ever. Brink might have tried things that Titanfall is mastering, their is a complete difference. I could try to build a ferrari, but doesn't mean it's even remotely close to the build quality of an actual Ferrari.

-Foxtrot1693d ago

People think it's going to be a game changer and the best thing ever because they WANT it to be, not because of what it is and can do.

When people heard Respawn were making a game people speculated for years of what it could be. They thought it might even be something different to a FPS to try something new.

Expectations grew and grew untill we get to the reveal only to see it's a multiplayer only same old FPS with things like Mechs, Wall running and jetpacks/boosters taken from other games.

After you've speculated for years and came up with better ideas on what it could be, of course people are going to keep saying it's the best thing since sliced bread and how innovating it is because deep down, even if they won't admit it, they feel disappointed.

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theshredded1693d ago

Sorry but there's Destiny and especially Evolve

BOLO1693d ago

EA hyping there own game...Who would've thought? -_-

Lucreto1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

So they made it exclusive because the 360 was on top. You think these big companies before they make a big commitment like that they would wait until the console was actually announced and get some fan feedback. They didn't learn this after the Ps2 dominance to the PS3 crash.

Still from reading the interview I still see it coming to PS4. The wording and tone of it like using starting point. Since a good part of Europe does not have the new Xbox the 360 version will sell there.

1693d ago
Budobear1693d ago

I was going to say a similar thing, to put the game as exclusive before you've even heard the public reaction to the system anouncements is a little bit foolish.
And to say they are still comfortable with the decision must mean Msoft have paid quite a bit for it to.
The game has grabbed my interest but with my funds as they are at the mo, I'm happy to wait and see what sort of reaction it gets.

MasterCornholio1693d ago

Just my opinion but I believe that Microsoft paid a lot of money for this game because they expect it to be the next COD. Now while this game looks like COD with Mechs and the previews were extremely positive for it by no means does it indicate that it will be the next COD killer.

DigitalRaptor1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

One of EA's worst and most foolish decisions, without a doubt.

At this stage, any third party going MS exclusive makes very little sense. The MS money is what claims them, EA fell hook, line and sinker for this one. Nobody saw it coming. This article has a lot of insight into what went down:

It makes me wonder if EA are ever going to underestimate Sony ever again.

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