Call of Duty: Ghosts patch will change the way you play

Call of Duty: Ghosts has just released a patch that is going to force players to change the way they play, find out how as Holden ZA goes through some of the greater changes.

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Sillicur1695d ago

Wow, some massive changes, interesting!

HoldenZA1695d ago

I really think this is going to influence the competitive scene more than anyone else!

HanCilliers1695d ago

Fix all the things! Hope it will fix player disappointment as well :p

Zaphire1695d ago

Not a cod player but that looks like some big changes

Sillicur1695d ago

Yah, going to be interesting to see how it pans out

Choc_Salties1695d ago

The SnD countdown adjustment should make for an interesting balance change, Im a bit meh regarding the other stuff, but a good change, regardless!

DesVader1695d ago

I think a lot of COD players are still going to be sceptical...

HoldenZA1695d ago

Judging from Twitter it does seem so, but either way the players are going to need to become more versatile.

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