EA Praise Sony on PS4 Transition, Microsoft “a Little Down;” Over 10 Million Units Predicted by 3/31

Electronic Arts held its earnings conference call for investors and analysts yesterday, and Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore had quite a few comments to share about the performance of the PS4 and the Xbox One and especially their attach rate (the number of games purchased by customers per console sold). He also improved his prediction for combined sales of both consoles by the end of the FY.

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Thepharaoh1700d ago

Maybe they should have a conference on releasing COMPLETED games you know instead of expensive flashy full retail early access titles.
Whatever though

ThunderSpark1700d ago

EA now sees it would have been a better decision to launch Titan Fall on Both consoles, especially with the PS4 dominating the Xbox One. We will see many more exclusives on the PS4 because of this domination.

mcstorm1700d ago

Im not sure about that. Its still early in the console lives and anything can happen. The PS4 and Xbox one have sold around 8 to 10 million consoles between them the xbox 360 and PS3 sold 80 million each and are still selling well and the wii sold over 100 million so there are a lot of users out there who have not upgraded to a new console yet.

As for Titanfall not being on the PS4 I don't think that will have an impact on EA and it will be interesting to see how Microsoft and EA push this game as it reminds me of when Epic and Microsoft pushed Gears and that worked out well for them both and I have a feeling Titan fall my do the same but you are also forgetting its not just a xbox one game its on the Xbox one, 360 and pc so there are 80 million 360 users out there too as well as 4 million xbox one users and a hell of a lot of pc games too.

Edsword1700d ago

I agree EA should have made Titanfall on PS4, but I don't think we'll see huge changes in exclusive games coming to the PS4. At least not from EA. Think of MS exclusives as a kick starter. MS provides money up front that hedges against failure and a lot of advertising that sells games and hypes them. Take for instance the Gears games last gen. With MS feeling threatened this gen, expect to see a lot of money being shelled out for exclusives. MS will outspend Sony big time to try to win this gen. Sony will have to rely on making the best games possible and appealing to gamers. It is going to be an interesting dynamic because Sony can't afford to take as many risk with the PS4.the. PS4 is by far the superior system, but I actually think you'll see more 3rd party exclusives on xb1.

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GTgamer1700d ago

ModernWarNegro said the same thing allot of People forget that Titanfall is behind EA's belt so thats why he's not interested, me personally it looks like COD I mean seriously take out the mechs and wall running and what does titanfall look and play like Yup COD and I am not about to repeat the Cod Cycle this generation. The only game I want from EA is Mirrors Edge and they better not screw that up.

Bdub20001700d ago

Hmmmm, nowhere in that article does EA mention Titanfall or them wishing it wasn't exclusive. He mentions over and over how well each console is selling, and doesn't say anything about one console selling better than the other. Go ahead ps4 guys, hit the disagree button, that just tells me you didn't read the article, which was a earnings conference from EA's COO, so that's legit. Not some fluff prediction or opinion.

truefan11700d ago

I guess I have to add another Row to my hypocrisy of ps4 gamers list. I guess EA matters now, because of this flambait title. IF you actually read the article, even though the XB1 attach rate is down, it's still higher than ps4. Also now you guys are talking about how much money EA would have made by releasing Titanfall on ps4, but I though it looks trash, sucks, and is COD with Mechs. Shooters flourish on xbox and that's almost indisputable, because xbl>psn. Please don't try to debate this when psn still has to shut down for maintenance.

headblackman1700d ago

where in the world did you get that from? (that was so left field) but let's be real here, EA isn't wishing that they would have put it on the ps4, you and millions of ps4 fans are wishing that. but now that you know that there's not a chance in hell that it would come to your system of choice, you knock it and say that it's not what the would has been praising it for. you you're attempts at taking the legs out from this masterpiece is useless! now you can say that you wont buy an x1 to play this game, but you will play it. microsoft and EA can care less if you play it on the x1/x360/or a windows based pc. just play it. either way microsoft and EA will get paid :-) so you're not hurting either of them. but as for me and millions of other x1 owners and possibles, i'll be playing titanfall on my x1 and xbox live. and oh yeah, titanfall will increase the sales of the x1 by a long shot just like when gears of war was released, it was a system seller and pushed the x360 forward. so always remember that games is the reason for why any of us are even here on this site. and games will ultimately be the true deciding factor in how the consumers decide their purchase and by the looks of things microsoft is geared to break winning records. im certain that in 8 months to 1 complete year from the release of the x1 that we will be hearing a different tune from the consumers, the developers, the gamers, the entertainment buffs, the casuals, and last but not least, the fanbots of both systems. but x1 will be the winning and clear system of choice. so please write this down and i'll be right here to say i told you so. (8 months to 1 full year. starting from the release of the x1)

SPARTAN31700d ago

Really when you look at it there's not that many PS4 out there so the 50 mill Microsoft paid them covered the ps4 part enough for EA to do it. And we won't see more 3rd party's do this for ps4 bec Sony can't put up the cash they have great first party so they don't have to.

H0RSE1700d ago

"Dominating" the Xbox One...

It appears the word "dominating" has a very broad meaning on this site...

Prime1571700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Anyone know it'd the ps+ games show up on attach rate? Or f2p games or their currency?

If you think about it, x1 ships with 2 fighting characters. Ps4 day one adapters (w/ps+) had, as an example, resogun for free. We all know that's a really fun game which may not be on the attach rate... as well as all the free downloads (contrast, don't starve, warframe, blacklight, dcuo).

I'm just saying, does anyone know how that stuff gets tracked?

DoubleM701700d ago

Do you all do your research when it comes to these games. Go to and find out why Xbox1 was chosen over the PS4. It had nothing to do with EA.

BlackTar1871700d ago

Why would titanfall not have been on ps3?


Why is this money talk excluding a console that has a partner console with the same install base?

Makes zero sense.

Most put ps3 sales higher then 360 sales. Ps4 sales higher then xbox one sales.

So 2 systems with bigger install bases then the other and your just pretending they wouldn't be part of the money equation?

showtimefolks1700d ago


did you know EA can't force Respawn to do an exclusive? Respawn are under EA's partners program meaning they not only own the IP, but also have full control of their IP.

SO in this case MS had to go directly to Respawn and convince them since convincing EA isn't that hard

I fully expect TitanFall to come out on ps4 in about 12 months, because Respawn have already said future games will be on other platforms

DigitalRaptor1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@ truefan1

Finally down to a lone bubble, huh? Figures...

Everyone has a tendency to be a hypocrite, and you're proven yourself, as have most of us, in the past couple of weeks. So adding an item to a list, when it completely contradicts your own reason for hating a certain group of people, is laughable at best.

"Also now you guys are talking about how much money EA would have made by releasing Titanfall on ps4, but I though it looks trash, sucks, and is COD with Mechs."

So pointing out common-sense facts means that PS4 fans are excited about the game? How in the world you think you are making sense, I don't know.

"Shooters flourish on xbox and that's almost indisputable"

Shooters will flourish on any platform, provided their audience wants to play them. Sony has more shooter franchises/games that have defined their brand than Microsoft, which is ironic but not surprising, since Sony have been in this game longer. SOCOM, Killzone, Warhawk/Starhawk, Resistance, Twisted Metal, Uncharted - as well as the highly successful multiplatform shooters, that do well on both consoles, and free-to-play games such as Blacklight, Warthunder, Warframe, PlanetSide 2 etc.

"because xbl>psn. Please don't try to debate this when psn still has to shut down for maintenance."

So downtime = worse network? I'm sorry but the only ones hanging onto this sentiment are the blind loyalists. Feature-for-feature both networks are level-pegging with PSN having more exclusive gaming features for PS4, as well as cross-platform features that enhance the experience. PSN is the indisputably better value network with more features, and better and proven next-gen gaming features that matter.

Remind me which network is still getting together its party system, which was one of the most boasted about XBL features last-gen...? Both networks are great but it's only MS that treats those that use theirs unfairly.

SmielmaN1700d ago

I just don't think EA would be a big loser for titanfall here. You can be sure that MS paid a steep price to them to not release their title on a competitors platform. Lots of money. If Titanfall doesn't produce what they thought on xbone, then they will have realized a large AAA mistake. I wouldn't be surprised of there's some sales clause in the exclusivity contract.

linkenski1700d ago

Which is awesome considering all exclusives the 360 got were kinect games and timed paid exclusives in the end. MS lost Rare's talent to their mismanagement and both Bungie and Epic games have drifted off to make games for Sony's consoles.

Drabent1700d ago

True that man, sad about titan fall until I heard the 6vs6 crap.

jebabcock1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Basically respawn wanted dedicated servers but couldn't afford them as a start up company so they made a deal with Ms... After you take that factual piece of info into consideration you kind of have to treat the rest as a sales pitch for xb1. Their success is after all tied now to ms console and cloud success.

When multiconsole development teams start speaking out on this subject then it might be worth listening to. So far ms first party seem to be about the only ones enamored with it...

AceBlazer131700d ago

Ps4-5m most likely by march
WiiU-5.5-6m by march

EA shut out 190m+ potential buyers from titanfall.All i can say is either microsoft signed a really, really, really big check or EA is feeling mighty stupid about now.

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Syntax-Error1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Why dont you Sony Fanboys get over TITANFALL and worry about your own shit. Move on. Jesus Christ you people cry about every goddamn thing. You don't hear XBOX Fanboys talk about Infamous Second Son. Move on with your damn purchase and worry about all the so-called exclusives you have coming out this year.

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KillrateOmega1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

1) Chill out on the cussing. Too much is untasteful and makes you sound uneducated.

2) I don't know what punishment you've been putting your butt through, but maybe you should stop - it appears to be causing you great agony.

In all seriousness though, get a reality check. You sound like some "Sony fanboy" kicked your puppy or something. This kind of behavior is just unhealthy and bespeaks of some personal issues.

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FamilyGuy1700d ago

Can you really imagine if BF4 had been delayed for the next gen console launch like WatchDogs and DriveClub?
That would've been pretty horrible.

Even though it was broken I'm sure a lot of people had fun playing it despite the bugs. Maybe those bugs were only really noticeable once it was launched on a large enough scale anyway?

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andreasx1700d ago

getting mine in a week or so, can't wait!

GribbleGrunger1700d ago

If you haven't subscribed to PS+ I'd do it now and 'purchase' Don't Starve on your PC. Next week it's Outlast and Don't Starve is removed.

maddskull1700d ago

I think that next week they will remove resogun because it was from launch

GribbleGrunger1700d ago

I think Resogun will stay in the same way that certain other titles stay on PS+ for a long time.

andreasx1700d ago

I'll definately look into it, heard a lot of great things about those games :)

Cryptcuzz1700d ago

I downloaded Don't Starve last week and played it once, but I can't seem to figure out how to play the darn game lol.

I heard a lot of good things about it, but my patience has been a little low with all the other PS4 games I am trying to finish before Infamous SS and MGS:GZ comes out.

But I agree, just get PS Plus first (andreasx) and download the game on the PC so that once you get your PS4, it would still be available to download for free.

Looking forward to soiling myself with Outlast next week!

Rhythmattic1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )


Here on the Euro Blog they state the removal of Resogun on Feb 5th...

Just as with all the IGC titles , if your already plus member and don't own a PS4 yet, use your PC and go to the online store and buy (free) /DL it.... it'll be there in your downloads list when you get your PS4.
As for me , I don't own a Vita, but I do the Same for its titles....

GribbleGrunger1700d ago

Yes, I saw that but then I saw other information that suggested this was incorrect. I doubt I'll be able to find it now but it was on a Playstation Access video. Perhaps they were wrong though, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Prime1571700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Don't look into it, it's worth doing as you need ps+ anyway and it will give you an extra game (that is also a fun game). And I'm pretty sure I read it was resogun leaving the instant list which is a $30 game. Also is the highest rated 8th gen exclusive.

<shrug> all the newbies to ps+ will start seeing how good of a deal it is come 6months to a year from now, "oh, I was planning on buying that game when I could."

snake_eater1700d ago

What's up with these ea articles, since when people care about what ea says?

mhunterjr1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

They just gave a quarterly financial report. We're seeing a bunch of different articles based on the same statements.

Anyway, despite the hatred they garner, they are kind of a big deal. They avg. a 100% attach rate to next gen consoles in Europe and are the number one publisher on next gen so far, in terms of sales.

So yeah, despite their antics, when they talk, people listen.

Jdoki1700d ago

It's the hypocrisy of the fanboy...

They change allegiance probably without even realising it.

How many times have we heard "I'm never buying an EA game again"... I'll bet some of them will be playing Titanfall

Or how often we heard about EA making Devs release buggy games with awful server support, like BF4... But apparently Titanfall is going to be slick and perfect

Maybe the amount of times we've heard people say "EA kill developers, like DICE" or "EA have made BF just like CoD"... But Titanfall is innovative and different!

snookiegamer1700d ago


'How many times have we heard "I'm never buying an EA game again"... I'll bet some of them will be playing Titanfall'

I'm trying to understand what point you're trying to make here?

..I mean, are you saying 'One' cannot change their mind, or that somehow you condemn yourself for having a change of opinion. Is it an unwritten law or something?

It is the right of every Human being to have independent thought, and have a change of direction in that thinking.

Jdoki1700d ago

Of course people can change their mind. I have no issue with that, nor do I care.

I just find it mildly amusing that so many vilify EA for being a horrible and evil company and claim they will never buy another game from them again... Until a game they really want comes along.

EA appear to have done nothing to change their habits or practises to stop them being voted yet again as one of the worst company's in the US. But somehow many people forgive (or conveniently forget) that when it comes to wants and needs.

It simply highlights the fanboy mentality, hypocrisy, how groups jump on bandwagons, sheep behaviour, hide behind their internet persona, and how quickly (some of them) will change their moral standpoint.

I've never had a problem with EA and buy the games I like that they release. I'm only singling out Titanfall as it's a game that is getting a lot of hype, is being published by 'evil' EA, and developed by the guys who made CoD... Another series that people apparently love to hate until their ex-devs make a game with Mechs in.

mhunterjr1700d ago

Even the most conscientious gamer would sypathize with the developers on EA's roster. Dice has history if making great games. As does Bioware. Titan Fall looks like it has the potential to be a great title. Mirrors Edge has a cult like following.

I don't think people really want to risk losing great IPs and developers out of spite for the parent company. And that's why you see the flip flopping

Jdoki1700d ago

It's a good point mhunterjr

It also raises another... About why developers either sell themselves to or enter publishing deals with a company like EA when it seems clear they are so profit orientated (possibly just answered my own point there, but anyway...).

It has to be for money, or a belief that 'we'll be different from the rest and EA won't change us'.

If it's for the money then I don't see that those devs should get the benefit of the doubt (again, I'm talking fanboy morality and outrage, not my own buying habits)

If it from a view that they will be different and EA won't change them, that's just naive. Very few devs have the weight to do that - Bungie for example, who seem to have favourable terms with Activision.

Anyhow. Like I said. I just find it mildly amusing to see fanboys flip flopping about, especially on a subject as trivial as video games (although EA getting voted worst company in US is actually a really serious thing)

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Volkama1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Attach rates around 2 games per console. And that's an average so for every person with 6 games you can expect to see 4 people that only bought a single game.

This ratio isn't unusual for the full lifecycle of the console. It really highlights that fact that the market is actually very different to how we perceive it to be.

No wonder nobody is interested in selling consoles at a loss any more.