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Wii U Zelda HD, Super Mario 3D World sell over 1m units, says Nintendo

Nintendo has sold over 1 million units of its big Wii U releases The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Wii U Party and Super Mario 3D World . (3DS, Industry, Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

abzdine  +   366d ago
well deserved.
i wonder if the zelda bundles are also included in these numbers. i bought the zelda edition on saturday
Kevlar009  +   366d ago
Usually bundled games are included in software sales(It's why Wii Sports is the best selling game at over 82 million)
IndiaFPS  +   365d ago
Nintendo announced that Wii U releases The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Wii U Party and Super Mario 3D World titles each sold over one million units.
higgins78  +   366d ago
Boy does the Wii U deserve this at minimum. A game such as SM3DW deserves to reach a far wider audience, truly a masterful experience. Wind Waker HD - for those unlike me who didn't play the Gamecube version to death - (again) deserves huge recognition. A truly unique and bold Zelda adventure.

I truly hope the Wii U reaches more homes and doesn't suffer the fate the equally great Dreamcast did, people only bemoaning its fate once it was too late.
Chris558  +   366d ago
it is nintendos fault for selling overpriced machine which is stuck beetween ps3-ps4
region locking with shitty netcode with worse than ps2
no account system
confusing name for casuals Wii-U + almost no marketing everybody i know has no clue what is wii U they think its an addon
gimmicky controller which is being dropped even b ninty first party games (donkey kong country freeze for example)
in first 6minth it had almost nothing to play
with all that said nintendo still makes amazing games and I will buy one when they drop the price to 100-150€
mcstorm  +   365d ago
@higgins78 I agree. I missed Windwaker on the GC and I am loving the Wiiu version. Mario World 3D is another great Mario game and im loving it too. Im suppressed Wii Party U hit these numbers but I also own it and its great fun for the family and when friends come round.

Lets hope 2014 is a good year for the sales of the Wiiu as I also agree it is a very underrated console and deserves good sales just like the other 2 consoles do too.
BoneBone  +   366d ago
Wii U gamers are happy gamers ;)
ape007  +   365d ago
great news, hopefully they sell much more
Games_R_Us  +   365d ago
Hmm, disappointing only 1 in 5 Wii U owners technically got Mario 3D Land, was expecting at least half. Maybe some more marketing on that title would help as its brilliant, hell I gave it a 10/10!
Loadedklip  +   364d ago
It's actually 1 in 3 or 33% ...

1.94 million Mario 3D World sales to 5.89 Wii U owners.

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Africa-Garvey  +   365d ago
Power rating:
PS4 = 10
Xbone = 8
Wii U = 6
X360 = 4.5
ps3 = 4.4
Wii = 2.5
Xbox = 2.3
Gamecube = 2.0
ps2 = 1.6

Gameplay :
Wii U = 10
PS4 = 9.2
Xbone = 9
ps360 = 8
ps2\xbox\gc =6

Thus, the Wii U is highly an underrated 8th gen console
Kennytaur  +   365d ago
Congratulations on pulling all those numbers out of your arse.
Applejack  +   365d ago
That's what I thought also, does he plan on giving us a source? Actually, how do you even come up with those numbers in the first place?
GotHDGame  +   365d ago
How did you come up with a power rating of 4.5 for 360 and 4.4 for PS3???? PS3 had a little more power than 360 and a blu-ray drive instead of DVD drive and blu-ray disks are superior for storage compared to DVD.
MilkMan  +   365d ago
I find the WiiU to be an all-star console. Not one of the Nintendo titles have been garbage. They've just gone mostly ignored. In terms of quality the WiiU has a rock solid line up and it continues to grow with each title released, but 2014 will be its last year.
Nintendo requires reform om multiple fronts the real question is can they do it in a year and a half?
Thats when I figure they'll announce there new machine, but its not enough to announce the new machine, they need so much more to accompany this new hardware and in some cases therein lies the challenge.
beatled  +   365d ago
the wii u is the only new console I am even considering at this point

owning a quality gaming pc makes any power comparisons pointless as each and every "next gen" console is absolutely destroyed by even a gaming pc from 2011

so the only selling point for me is games that I CANNOT get on my pc

ps4 has what exactly??? -knack.....lol....killzone

xbox1.....ryse.....dead rising 3......pffff

I wouldn't play those games if they were on ps3 and xbox360 (which I own both) so why would I buy a $400-$500 console to do so

now on wii u

monster hunter
Super Mario 3D World
wind walker hd
pikmin 3
zombie u
wonderful 101
game and wario
new super Mario u

(*note these are just the exclusives that intrest me, I am aware there are even more)

plus backwards compatibility!!!

damn, that kind of settles it, wii u is the next gaming machine I buy....might go get it today :)
Venox2008  +   365d ago
if you want exclusives, grab Nano Assault: neo on eShop, Mighty switch force is good also.. happy gaming, plus Lego city undercover is a good game
KevinCubes  +   365d ago
I completely understand but infamous and the soon to be halo 5 release were calling my name also on side note I've owned all three consoles since the 6th generation up to now and a gaming pc since 2010. Just tradition for me really but everyone doesn't have to acquire every console if you feel there is no title you'd like on the platform or tight on cash for lack of better words.
BigDuo  +   365d ago
I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that Wind Waker HD sold a million copies. Not bad for a mere port. This will likely encourage Nintendo to do another HD port in the near future.
Loadedklip  +   364d ago
As long as it doesn't slow down development of new titles ... I am fine with more HD ports.

Give me ...
Zelda Twilight Princess
Zelda Skyward Sword
Mario Galaxy 1
Mario Galaxy 2
Metroid Prime Trilogy

... all in HD.
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GreatnessAwaits  +   365d ago
Well deserved Nintendo. 2 amazing games. Hope to see this continue.

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