Mario Kart 8 not coming until after March 31st? Nintendo's Q3 earnings hint at that

Looking into Nintendo's Q3 earnings statement, it would seem that Mario Kart 8, sure to be a huge system seller, may not make it out before April.

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Jay70sgamer1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I believe it's gonna come out in April ...I don think nintendo wants to bring out two AAA titles within a month of each other or so close ...remember donkey kong tropical freeze come out February 21 ..I think they don't want people to take their attention off that game until at least a month or month and a half of sales ....I see mario kart being release mid April

Concertoine1659d ago

I dont think DKCTF has the oomph to carry sales that long. The one on wii sold well but it didnt exactly make hardware sales skyrocket. I think theyd be wise to release MK8 in mid to late march. But if it takes longer so be it.

Yep1659d ago

Yeah. They're probably going to do a one-two punch with Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8.