5 Video Game Franchises That Desperately Need A Reboot

Devil May Cry did it. Tomb Raider did it. Now here's hoping these franchises do it. Reboots get a lot of hate, but sometimes you just gotta recognize that your game series is going down the tubes and needs a makeover. Here are the 5 franchises that need a facelift most desperately.

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tigertron1694d ago

I don't think Sonic or Resident Evil should be rebooted, Sega and Capcom should focus on making BETTER sequels, because that's what the problem is isn't it? hit and miss games in those franchises. If Sega made 2D games like the originals and 3D games like Sonic Generations, and if Capcom made Resident Evil like RE:Make and Revelations etc, then it's all good.

As for Final Fantasy, doesn't the series get rebooted on a constant basis seeing as how main entries are always completely separate?

Roccetarius1694d ago

One of the mentioned reboots weren't a reboot, but a complete makeover. Many issues came from the developer as well.

AndreBlimey1694d ago

A non-shit Turok game that's LIKE THE DAMN PREVIOUS GAMES!

Nerdmaster1694d ago

I'm getting really tired for these cries for reboots. People don't want reboots, they want remakes. See DmC. The franchise was getting tired and it begged for a reboot. So they made DmC. It's a great game, but since it wasn't exactly the same as the past games, it got shunned.

So people keep asking for them to reboot other games. But let's tell the truth, if they did a Resident Evil reboot for example, and they didn't make it with Chris and Jill, in the classic mansion, with Wesker being the villain and Umbrella not behind everything, people would cry saying that it's too different from the original game. The same thing with other franchises. So people really want remakes, not reboots.

Lord_Sloth1693d ago

Nobody begged for a reboot. DMC4 was the highest selling in the series and the biggest complaint was Dante's lazy levels, not a tired franchise.

MWH1693d ago

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a good game but I too yearn for a classic 2D-HD Castlevania.

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