Nintendo reports Q3 2014 financial results

Lifetime and period sales for Wii U, 3DS, Wii, and DS hardware/software, plus more.

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MasterCornholio1698d ago

Very interesting stats.

Thanks for the article.

P.S Nintendo executives are cutting their salaries due to the Wii U missing targets.

Ced2141698d ago

It's a shame they really had to do that. The WiiU is such an awesome device, i know it'll be a success in its own right.

Chrono1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I wonder how many WiiUs they need to sell to cover Iwata's salary, considering he was getting over 2mil USD/year.

abzdine1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

i expected much worse numbers for them. nothing alarming really like the media garbage is claiming.

Correct that title!!!!!

linkenski1697d ago

Honestly I always thought the Wii U concept was all like "We need to innovate, so we created a halfhearted gimmick and hopefully it attracts people who play iPad even though we don't have multitouch"

It's a lost cause. Could've been good, but it's an underpowered console with a soulless gimmick that can't be utilized in a meaningful way like the DS did with the first touch-screen based games and Wii introduced proper Motion controls in gaming...

...what excactly does Wii U introduce? Assymmetrical gameplay is the answer, but apparently Nintendo doesn't have the confidence to actually use it in their biggest games.

Magicite1698d ago

Yes, WiiU is an awesome hardware, but so were dreamcast and saturn...and look how did that end.

InTheLab1698d ago

Wonder why they don't drop a Pokemon for the WiiU ? 11m sold? Holy💩

InTheLab1698d ago

Whipped cream is brown? And you disagreed with the whole thing because you don't have an iPhone?

This site is crazy.

GreenRanger1698d ago

I didn't disagree with you, and the symbol is black on my phone.

Qrphe1698d ago

They did, Pokemon Rumble had everything to succeed (Pokemon name with Skylanders craze) yet it didn't stick it.

ZeekQuattro1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

@ InTheLab Because console Pokemon games don't sell nearly as well as their cheaper better selling handheld counterparts. For some reason I couldn't simply reply to you.

InTheLab1698d ago

That can't be the only reason. They've done it with Mario. And even if they sell a 3rd of that it would be the highest selling game on the WiiU.

ZeekQuattro1698d ago

I'm sure Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have thought about putting a major Pokemon title on one or more of their consoles for years but came to the conclusion they just wouldn't sell enough to be worth it and I agree. Just because Pokemon is a blockbuster hit on handhelds doesn't mean it would translate to big sales on a console.

R00bot1698d ago

They've never really given a console game a good try, though. They're all spin-offs that usually aren't that great anyway.
If done right, with the right amount of advertising, a full pokemon entry could definitely sell well. Probably still not as well as the handheld ones, but well enough to make a good profit.

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