Wii Party U, Wind Waker and Mario 3D sell 1 million units

Nintendo has confirmed that Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World and Wii Party U have become million sellers globally for the Wii U.

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Benjaminkno1484d ago

Not enough to turn WiiU's fortune around.

2014 is make or break.

Ready for 'X', Bayo2 and Smash.

wonderfulmonkeyman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Alone, no. But cumulatively, this is a good, firm step forward for the wii u's overall profitability.
There's absolutely no reason to downplay or toss a negative spin on things here; the Wii U is showing signs of positive and healthy software sales growth, and 2014 will only increase its fortunes.

Get N or get out.

iplay1up21484d ago

What about Zelda Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Tropical?

Anyway WOW the if around 5 million units have been sold (I know its more than that) the attach rate is very good for these games...

lilbroRx1484d ago

This is offtopic. Keep the Wii U doom and gloom to the hundreds of articles about it on this site.

KevinCubes1484d ago

That's it.....was expecting more

Locknuts1484d ago

Small install base. Plus only the Japanese seem to care about Wii__ games now. This year's line up looks sweet though.

jonboi241484d ago

Looking forward to playing these games, Smash, Mario Kart, Bayonetta, X, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Donkey Kong, and the Zelda Wii U when I eventually get a Wii U. Though I probably won't be get one this year unless it's a present. To much games coming out and not enough time or money for a Wii U.