Prepare Them Wallets – These Indie Games Are Coming Soon

A comprehensive list of upcoming Wii U eShop indie titles.

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Rockefellow1659d ago

I've been keeping an eye on a lot of these games for what seems like forever now. I received quite a lot of eShop giftcards for Christmas, and though I usually wait for big sales to buy stuff on PSN/the eShop, I'll probably give in and buy a few of these. It's the least I can do for those brave enough to launch a console-exclusive title on the Wii U.

It's too bad that Shovel Knight was delayed so many times, but at least it's (fingers crossed) finally going to launch in March. I'm also pretty annoyed over the Another Castle info found in the article. I backed that game on Kickstarter with a June release window, and now it seems as if the developer is specifically trying to avoid sticking with his original promise. I understand that Kickstarters are famous for horrible delays, but this title had a functioning beta and work seemed to be progressing along well.