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5.86 million Wii U's shipped worldwide since launch, 2.41m sold in 2013

Nintendo has confirmed that they've only shipped 5.86 million Wii U units globally in their Q3 Fiscal Earnings and that 2.41 million of those happened in 2013. (Wii U)

Ac7iVe  +   164d ago
It'll hit 6 mil soon. I thought it was much worse, 6 mil in a year is low but not enough for doom articles. Give it through the end up this year it'll def pick up with more games n another possible price drop.
Theyellowflash30  +   164d ago
This was from the end of December, so they might already be at 6 million.
ritsuka666  +   164d ago
Yep this salles is not bad. Wii U sales are picking up, and as i have said 1 million times, once MK 8 is out there will be no bad news for a long time :)
AJBACK2FRAG  +   164d ago
Oh don't worry N4G will search the Earth to find some article that is negative about Nintendo. It's like they're the old EGM or the new one but anyways. Mario Kart 8 looks super gorgeous and super smooth I can't wait to get my hands on it. I think this game may sway a lot of fence sitters and hopefully captures the imaginations of some non gamers also. Did I just write something positive about Nintendo? I apologize to all the Sony fanboys on this site! I'll write something really negative next time I swear!The PS4 is better than everything in the world!!!!!! Let's all get on our knees and worship it like a frickin' golden god or be put to the sword. I love (barf) Killzone!! I'll get a part time job I swear a really shitty one!
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CaulkSlap  +   164d ago
9.55 million after being launched world wide for a year.

Wii U is in pretty terrible shape. Full year as the only new console and it was almost stagnant. Even with price cuts and game releases thing won't pick up much.
ritsuka666  +   164d ago
That's according to wikipedia, which isn't a reliable source. so please stop post garbage here.
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Theyellowflash30  +   164d ago
Lets see how the Wii U sales are by the end of 2014

Smash, Kart, DKC, Zelda, Bayonetta 2, and X all drop this year.
DJMarty  +   164d ago
Wii U is on it's last legs, will die a slow death. Lack of 3rd party support will see to that.
firelogic  +   164d ago
Anyone that likes nintendo franchises already has a wiiu. And did you seriously list Bayonetta 2 as a system seller?
Theyellowflash30  +   164d ago
Anyone that likes nintendo franchises already has a wiiu. And did you seriously list Bayonetta 2 as a system seller?

That's what people were saying when Nintendo was at 3.5 Million units. Then they had a really good November and December.

With a steadier release schedule, and more first party titles, Nintendo should sell more Wii U's.

And yes, Bayonetta 2 will 'HELP' sell Wii U's. Nobody said it was a "SYSTEM SELLER"
Jay70sgamer  +   164d ago
@CaulkSlap not true the reason the sales was so high for GameCube at that time because all their AAA titles came out already....smash ,mario kart ...Zelda and mario .....the wii u has not released their AAA games yet except Mario 3d world so you can't really compare until after this year when all the AAA games are released or most and once Zelda come out ,,nintendo wii u can possibly sell 6 million consoles this year with the games they have coming out this year ....smash,kart,x,yoshi,and possibly Zelda ..just saying
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   164d ago
Third party software,for the most part, can not compete with Nintendo's first party triple A software. I guess Nintendo could try not to be such an amazing video game software developer but what fun is that? Uh oh. What I meant to say was Sony forever!!!!
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KevinCubes  +   164d ago
It's never too late to act and turn things around, but Pokémon game or half life 3 being exclusive to the WiiU would really be the only two things that could save Nintendo's console and boost sales significantly this time around.

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