Hitman: Agent 47 Back in Action After Claims of Cancellation -PC & Next Gen Only

Previously, we wrote about the next Hitman game being cancelled by Square Enix, and being handed to IO Interactive, the developers of the previous Hitman game. Nobody knew if the next Hitman would be made or would be stuck in limbo, since the developer was already doing other projects. But rejoice fans: the next Hitman is already getting on its feet and is getting back in action very soon.

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Whitefeather1698d ago

Wrong, the one that was cancelled was a spin off by Edios Montreal. This was never cancelled

TedCruzsTaint1698d ago

I never found it in me to beat Absolution. It was far from a bad game, but I thought it was a rather standard experience, personally.

ColeMacGrath1698d ago

I reached the part after you get out of the tunnels, then I suddenly lost interest in it and never bothered to continue.

norkee1698d ago

Absolution was linear with a dash of the old hitman style here and there. hope they dont screw this one up too.