Get Crimson Dragon for Only $15

Hardcore Gamer: Crimson Dragon is a fairly good successor to Panzer Dragoon, albeit one hurt by in-app purchases and a terrible camera.

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ChaosKnight1697d ago

But then I'd have to get an Xbox One...


Yi-Long1697d ago

The game isn't very good at all. It's got a 56 Metacritic average, and it's nowhere near as good as Panzer Dragoon Orta.

admiralvic1697d ago

Still better than Fighter Within, which says absolutely nothing about anything.

Magicite1696d ago

THIS game aint worth even 15$

hollabox1696d ago

Its not that good, picked up last night only played for a little less than 2 hrs. Not very impressed, looks like Xbox (2001) game textures wise. Only 1 of my 6 XB1 games I regret buying.

Volkama1696d ago

They shouldn't discount this game. With such an emphasis on micro transactions throughout it should not have a price in the first place.

RiPPn1696d ago

And how much is it after all the microtransactions? This game should be free or .99 cents like the mobile games it's trying to emulate.