Leaky Valves: Half Life 3, Steam OS exclusive?

Over the last few days the gaming internet has been abuzz with rumours and leaks supposedly that have come out of Valve. Whether or not the leaked images are legitimate it begs a question that needs an answer. What if Half Life 3 is under development, but exclusive to Steam OS? And could this be why Valve have been so tight lipped about it's development?

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Mr Tretton1697d ago

Valve has said they will not be releasing exclusives for SteamOS. I understand what the article is proposing, but keep their statement in mind.

Ultimately they would piss A LOT of people off, including people with PCs, if you could only get their games from now on, by running them through Steam OS. Huge gamble on their part.

LimeyGeeza1697d ago

That of course doesn't exclude timed exclusives, keep that in mind...

Mr Tretton1697d ago

The timed exclusive is facing a sure death.

Gamer19821697d ago

It will possibly be PC exclusive but to make it steam OS exclusive would be suicide for them. This is because next to nobody is interested in the new OS in reality. Most PC gamers love the steam platform as it is and feel no reason for the OS as with regular steam you get the best of both worlds getting DX games and others. Steam OS locks you out of those DX11 games.

Somebody1697d ago

Console gamers will get angry if this is true but PC gamers, maybe not so much. Yes, it does sound a rather big gamble leaving out the biggest portion of the PC crowd by opting for a SteamOS exclusivity but let's not forget that Valve designed the OS to be free and not locked exclusively to Steam Machines.

The exclusivity might not matter when you can dual boot Windows and SteamOS in a single machine. The best of both worlds or something like that.

DeadlyFire1697d ago

Well it would make sense gambling since they are Valve and do cater to a large margin of the PC game install base.

Its alot like SOE's situation at the moment. They release games on their main platform first. PC then are bringing them to PS4 it seems with DC Universe, Planetside 2, and Everquest Next. I expect something similar to happen with SteamOS either getting it first or second. Putting it there first would grab some people over to the platform. Sure it would anger some, but if its coming to both platforms anyway they will see it before they explode.

t0mmyb0y1697d ago

That still doesn't make sense. If it was to sell systems, anyone can make their own Steambox so they would only be getting the same amount of money for just buying the game.

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tee_bag2421697d ago

It will probably be released on PC/Linux first like Valve always do. But it won't be a times exclusive in an official capacity, just porting time.

mrdeli1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Timing the release of a surprise HL3 with Steam OS is just great marketing. But it would almost certainly appear on regular Steam. They would want it to be as successful and available for the fans. Forcing a steam OS only version would be very anti-consumer and I just don't see that happening.

ElementX1697d ago

If any company ever released a SteamOS exclusive they would really be shooting themselves in the foot because Linux use as it stands now on Steam is around 3% and yes, SteamOS may raise that a few million more, however they would be excluding the other 70M Steam users who don't use Linux

neogeo1697d ago

Not Steam OS, just make it only for Steam/PC and no consoles if they want to boost sales.

extermin8or1697d ago

How does that do them any favours? PS games made by valve have intergration to steam anyway, and they don't make money off pc hardware sales it would just cut out the console only gamers that just aren't interested in using pc too?

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