I Got Gameplay Ep 59 - Silent Hill Franchise Retrospective

Episode 59 of the I Got Gameplay radio show is now live! In this episode, hosts Michael Burhan, Travis Goss, Xander Skullion, Zack Latour, Kyla Dipietro, and Miguel Leon talk Silent Hill! From the game's immersive gameplay to its epic story, the gang discusses their own personal experience with the franchise and its future.

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MARKSMAN71361658d ago

Silent Hill Origin, 1, 2, 3, and 4. These are where everything was okay and cool, I like Homecoming but the action focused gameplay wasn't on par with the psychological aspect that Silent Hill delivers. Again there's some good ideas but look at Downpour, good ideas just not done right. Also if your a Silent Hill fan then you'll understand why Pyramid Head isn't supposed to be in any other game except 2. Curious if someone will talk about it with me :-) lol

nerdgenious1658d ago

Agreed, I'm trying to put together something big with the silent hill franchise itself that spawned from this podcast lol.

I felt that the games themselves from the original team where amazing, double helix studios just kept copying and pasting the idea that silent hill games should all be the same as silent hill 2