The Top Ten best videogame sidekicks

"Whether it’s because they simply exist as the foil to their respective leading character or because they’re just not that interesting, sidekicks are generally an under-appreciated bunch.

Regardless of their role in any given game, videogame sidekicks ideally prove themselves to be helpful, memorable and lovable characters. In rare cases, they can even be more interesting than their protagonist buddies.

So feel free to tag along with us as we run down the top ten sidekicks in games – in no particular order, of course." -Stephen Hilger

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Number-Nine1693d ago

Obviously the author never played Ni No Kuni. Mr Drippy was the best!

btmgov1693d ago

How can you leave Daxter off of a list like this???

btmgov1693d ago

Also, Argo is hands down #1. How can top giving your life for someone?

REDBEARD1693d ago

missing Diddy Kong and Otacon