Game Informer blasts Wii U for friend codes, doesn't even know that it doesn't use them

In an absolutely comical move, a new Game Informer article in their upcoming issue says that one of the biggest complaints with the Wii U's online is friend codes. This is despite the fact that the system doesn't even use friend codes in a writing error that has to be seen to be believed.

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ShugaCane1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

"But Game Informer says one of the biggest reasons why they dislike the Wii U’s online is because,….of friend codes!"

The extract from GI's article :

"Whether Nintendo likes it or not, a large contingency enjoy playing online with friends. Unfortunately, the confusing Wii U does little to service this constituency. With no universal friends list, no universal friend chat, and annoying friend codes, Nintendo has dug a deep hole it may not be able to climb out of"

Where exactly did they say "One of the biggest reason we dislike Wii U's online is friends codes" ? Tell me please. They made a mistake, they're paid not to, I agree, but still.. Don't make it out of proportion. That may hurt their credibility indeed, but it's not as if they made their entire article about it as you suggest. It's just 4 words in the middle of a sentence.

mrbojingles1545d ago

Its from a larger piece, number 4 on a list to be exact, of things they were disappointed with in 2013. So its implied heavily that its a big part of why they dislike the Wii U's online services. They list three bullet points to justify their reasoning for why Wii U's online is a disappointment and only list universal chat, friend codes and friends list (which, yes it has a friends list too). They didn't list lack of online apps or other online related issues the system has, so friend codes appear to be one of their top three biggest reasons why they dislike the Wii U's online, since they only went out of their way to list three when there are more than that they could have mentioned.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1544d ago

except Wii U has no friend code

for we are many1544d ago

That's blatant Lying. Whether you like it or not the gaming media has played a role in low Wii U sales through manipulating public opinion. I know some of my friends didn't buy a Wii U because of all the negative coverage, actually one of them said he thought Nintendo will cease to exist in a year or two and was liking the situation to the Blackberry company and that NT is more likely to drop support of Wii U in the next few months!

MasterCornholio1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Oh no theres a conspiracy against Nintendo. Looks like the press wants to destroy them because they are a bunch of fanboys of the other consoles.


You know how crazy you sound?

P.S The only ones to blame for the poor sales of the Wii U is Nintendo. Remember how well the Wii sold in comparison?

for we are many1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I've said it before and will say it again, I didn't mean to say that this is a "conspiracy theory" in a political sense, but rather you can look at it as what can be explained by the proverbial "Bandwagon" effect, it's a nature for human beings to dwell on, discuss and propagate bad and controversial news especially that surrounds big and legendary entities and most of those people who do so are not even considered fans of the discussed matter, or in the case at hand, websites that want to FEED on the clicks and advertisement. I can't say for sure that sony or ms aren't involved in a way or another given the recent "paid Youtube enthusiasm" and "paid adverts from publishers promoting one version over the other" or even the "anonymous sources" that always volunteer information about Nintendo.

I also didn't say that Nintendo is blame-free, their major mistakes are in releasing the console without a killer app like Zelda/MK/SSB/Metroid or even SM3DW and allowing a drought to happen as well as insufficient hype and advertising and choosing to channel more resources and support for 3DS over Wii U.

If you completely disagree with what I said, then could you please explain the above news.

ape0071544d ago


dude you just completely annihilate him, you're too smart for him, he should thank you responding to him xD

Klad1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I agree, i feel there is definately a smear campaign going on with Nintendo, seems like the Media are trying there very best to change public perception of them in a negative way, further causing the Wii U Not to sell.

None of the companies are perfect, but Nintendo is definately receiving the THE MOST HATE out of the three!!

I feel this is the case as Sony is in alot more trouble than Nintendo is, but the media hardly talks about it, PSP Go was a failure, Vita is a failure sales wise & Sonys other products are not selling as well as there competitors, they had to lay off thousands of employees, sold off buildings, there stocks are currently at JUNK status, but everything is fine & dandy because the PS4 has sold almost 5 million.

3DS Life Time Global Sales - 42.6 Million
Vita Life Time Global Sales - 7.4 Million

As you can see, there is a huge difference in handheld sales there, but NOBODY talks about it!

Last Generation, Nintendo Had the BEST SELLING console in the world (Wii) & the BEST SELLING handheld in the world (DS). I guess who ever is behind this smear campaign, doesn't want Nintendo to be KING this generation!

either what i said above or Nintendo are purposely doing a bad job of marketing the Wii U, in order to help there fellow Japanese brother/company (Sony) get back on there feet. lately Sony has had nothing but good things to say about Nintendo, & have just acquired a building that makes the chip inside the Wii U. make of all this what you will.

BoneBone1544d ago

Well said. Gutter gaming press have played a massive role in Wii U's online image. Meanwhile, the PS4 has been given a free ride while people haven't turned them on in weeks to play terrible games like Knack and Kill Zone; to put in blu-rays only for the PS4 not to play them, and have the rubber on the DS4 thumbsticks to peel off.

But that's OK, because it's Sony, not Nintendo, and PS4 has dwa bwwwest gwaffixx... which means they get a free (press) pass.

Sorry, but if you can't see that then you need to open your eyes.

JackieCruise691544d ago

Of course. Game Informer, lol.

AJBACK2FRAG1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Game Informer sucks anyway.

ZeekQuattro1544d ago

Its hard to take gaming journalism seriously when you make glaring mistakes like this. I guess an anonymous source told GI that the Wii U used friend codes. smh

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