Dragon Fantasy games coming to the 3DS

First screenshots and information revealed for Dragon Fantasy on 3DS.

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CaulkSlap1779d ago

That looks downright unplayable.

phantomexe1779d ago

You would be wrong. dragon fantasy is a classic style rpg from a day of better rpgs. I have book one and two on my ps3. Book 1 is 8 bit and book 2 is 16. They have a pretty good story to them.

blackblades1779d ago

Well you look downright stupid for even saying that.

izumo_lee1779d ago

Honestly Dragon Fantasy Book 1 was a really good retro RPG. It was fun, hilarious at times and had a good story. However with Book 2 i didn't enjoy it as much as i did the previous game. It was still cool but something felt off when i played it.

3DS gamers who like old school RPG will have fun with this.