OzBoxLive Radio #091 - Killer Instinct Special

Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP Mark along with Kaedin and Daniel as they discuss everything about the Xclusive Xbox One fighter KILLER INSTINCT. There are three Xclusive Interviews from E3 2013. David Verfaillie – Design Director, Michael Willette – Lead Producer and Ken Lobb – Partner and Creative Director. They also discuss the latest News, Game Releases Updates and more. AND give away 3 Months Xbox Live Gold.

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KI is an awesome game that needs more characters and a story mode.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1607d ago

Love it, looking forward to Spinal BUT there seems to be so many rage quitters, it's pissing me right off, they have said they are to tackle it in the next update, fingers crossed it doesn't screw the game.

colonel1791607d ago

I think they fixed that a little bit with the last update. They changed the rank system so that you get point even if you lose or win against a lower rank. Also, if you win by ultra you still get points even if they reagequit.

colonel1791607d ago

Killer Instinct is an unfinished product, and it's a shame, but it's not the developer fault but Microsoft's. They rushed them out at launch. The developers have done an excellent job with the very short time they've had. The game is going to become great in a few months. They have already talked about adding much more characters, story mode, ultimates and stage KOs. Maybe not all will get actually released, but if the game is successful, they could either continue updating it, or release a sequel.

Double Helix might have a bad record of games, but they deserve all the success the game can possibly get for the job they have done with KI.

Mills931607d ago

I agree with this but I see this as a platform instead of just a game by the time Fulgore then season 2 and maybe even 3 hits this will even more awesome

Sikct9a1607d ago

I'm having a blast on this game. I suck at it but it hasn't stopped me from playing.