Microsoft's: "New IP is Critical;" Teases Unannounced Ones and Shares more on Black Tusk's Future

With the announcement of Microsoft's acquisition of the Gears of War franchise from Epic, some have been worried about the house of Xbox losing focus on new IPs, but Phil Spencer came to the rescue on Twitter to reassure fans that more new IP will come.


updated with a few more relevant quotes.

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-Foxtrot1699d ago

"Team is focusing on Gears now given investment we made in IP, obviously down the road other opportunities can open up"

So it's pretty much confirmed now that Gears 4 will be first while their new, fresh IP is put on the back burner.

"as I said. Goal was to announce BT. There was no game reveal in that"

Then why didn't you say at the time

theWB271699d ago

It was pretty much confirmed when Micro announced the buy and stated Black Tusk would be working on it. Why wouldn't they try and get one of their most succesful IP's out the door?

"Then why didn't you say at the time"

Are people really that disappointed that a potential game they knew NOTHING about was potentially shelved?

I mean all 3 companies put their best devs out there to make their best IP's in order to sell the most copies possible.

BitbyDeath1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

You should probably let them make a game first before you call them "best devs" :-p

-Foxtrot1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Knowing nothing about a new IP is better then no new IP...especially these days where all over it's usually sequel after sequel.

We mostly complain that we dont get enough of them and when have the chance to people act like they aren't bothered.

Gears started off as a new IP once upon a time remember

theWB271699d ago

Or you can put that quote into context.
"I mean all 3 companies put their best devs out there to make their best IP's in order to sell the most copies possible."

Microsoft wouldn't put them on Gears if they didn't think they were one of their best studios. Yes, they have to prove it to the customer but Microsoft knows/seen whatever they were doing behind closed doors and felt they were talented enough to assign them one of Microsoft's most succesful IPs.

That comment is true...Sony-Microsoft-Nintendo put their best IP's in the hands of their best studios.

fenome1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Either way though, in the best interest of the game being any good hopefully they don't try to rush it out by next year or have an E3 demo. They just obtained the IP literally today and development takes time. If I were you, I'd be very weary if they had something to show at E3 'cause it's obviously gonna be some bullshit. I'd hope for a mid-2016 release at the earliest if I had any actual interest in this game.

Plus, this is gonna be Black Tusks first game out as a studio, might wanna see what they do before they get such high praise.

What they showed at E3 last year was strictly a tech demo, it had absolutely nothing to do with a game at all whatsoever. It's exactly the same thing as the Quantic Dream tech demo with the wizard and goblin that they did for the PS4. It has nothing to do with a game, it's just something to tout next-gen and try to get people hyped.

I'm not calling you out personally for praising them or anything like that, I've just heard a lot about Black Tusk this and that recently and they haven't even done anything as a team yet, that's all..

showtimefolks1699d ago


best developers seriously? Let them make something first please. Because that best developer tag is very precious


expect this moving forward, while MS will no doubt will announce some new Ip's most of their bread and butter will be the same IP's they used on xbox360. Halo,Fable,Gears,Alan wake,Forza etc,

The only thing i am worried about is how Gears will move forward, I for one thought after 3rd the series ended and judgement just didn't have that magic factor that other gears games before

But i am willing to give this team a chance let's hope MS give them enough time to make a proper Gears game with some fresh new ideas

truefan11699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

As I said, I am an objective xbox fan. I honestly hoped that trailer was a game and was hoping for a 2015 release. GOW might be one of my favorite franchises ever, but I wanted to see how that spy game would develop. I'm holding out hope that the new ip is still moving along, they just want to reveal it on a bigger stage. All in all MSFT is bringing the games and I like the Phil Spencer direction.

fenome1699d ago


look dude, I'm gonna bubble+ you for just being honest and stating your mind, all BS aside. I like playstation, you like xbox, cool, to each their own. Sometimes we just gotta agree to disagree.

But please, PLEASE, don't use GOW for Gears of War. God of War had it first, at least use GeOW or something.. it drives me nuts. Just like Planetside 2 being called PS2, it's just confusing.

At the end of the day though, I hope your games turn out fantastic and mine do to. Game on man, and enjoy it all. Life's short, live love play.

kupomogli1698d ago


I don't agree with your statement.

For example, if Sony put their best developers on their best IPs, they would have offered better salaries or hired better people to develop Playstation All Stars. As a fighting game it's fun at first, but as you get better at it, it slaps you in the face how broken it was.

Not only that but online isn't as good as games like Tekken Tag, Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, etc. There are more bugs and glitches in the game than Skyrim and every single patch they released, happened to further reduce the quality of online, added more bugs and glitches, etc. There are several patches to fix other patches, and even then they screwed other stuff up.

A game like Playstation All Stars is one that could have became a huge brand with future sequels. Giving it to an unproven developer that they just hired on the spot ruined any chance of that.

1698d ago
DragonKnight1698d ago

Why is anyone surprised by this? This is Microsoft people. Why give Xbox fans a new, potentially GOTY IP that they can build on when they can just give you more of the same that they've been giving you for the past 8 years?

Xbox One is beginning its cycle of Forza, Fable, Halo, and now Gears releases.

Bdub20001698d ago

@fenome, your GOW statement is hilarious to me. I'm a Microsoft fan, and huge into Gears of War, and I always relate GOW to God of War, I always get that confused too.

rainslacker1698d ago

Are people disappointed?

You mean the game that almost every X1 fan has been saying that Black Tusk had an unannounced game that would bolster their 1st party exclusives in response to Sony fans touting Sony's 1st party exclusives?

If BT was indeed working on an unannounced IP and I was looking forward to it, then I would probably be disappointed that they shelved it in favor of GOW, and I find GOW to be one of Xbox's better exclusives.

There are plenty of capable devs out there that could handle a GOW game. It's a fairly standard game type nowadays, lacks the technical innovation that it had when the IP first released, and runs on Unreal, the most used engine in the industry last gen. Good devs are made by their owners pushing the quality of the game over any kind of long term respect they may gain. It's possible for a no name studio to make a great game if the ones paying for it demand it, and take the time to make sure it happens.

I understand why MS would want to get a GOW game out for the X1 ASAP. It's a strong IP and will probably push systems. They must feel the same to spend so much money on it. But to me it shows that MS is less willing to take risks on new things, even if it's coming from one of their better developers.

MS could have made several new IP's with just the purchase price of the GOW IP, and that doesn't even include the next $100 million they'll probably spend making the actual game. That would make me upset if I were an X1 owner, and if Sony did the same thing, I would be upset with them.

Prime1571698d ago

A lot off two faced comments in here. Obviously ms puts their new studios on old ips because of sequelitis. It will sell. Until gamers start supporting new ips, ms has no reason to really pit money behind new ips.

Risk vs reward. New ip is risky.

UnholyLight1698d ago


I guess you have a point, Microsoft makes less new IPs but when they do, they are amazing. I think I'd still rather take that road than the gazzilion Sony IPs that really never tickled my fancy at all...Maybe they will now that I own a PS4 though

H0RSE1698d ago


"Why is anyone surprised by this? This is Microsoft people. Why give Xbox fans a new, potentially GOTY IP that they can build on when they can just give you more of the same that they've been giving you for the past 8 years?"

- Titanfall says hi...

Biggest1698d ago

Yay! He named a game!

The last Gears of War did not sell extremely well. It would have made sense for Microsoft to think of moving on. However, it also makes sense for them to try again. As evident here, their fans care not about how hard they work. They want whatever they are given.


No, just Sony fanboys trying to put a brotha down... they only think about themselves

DragonKnight1698d ago

@H0RSE: You mean the game not being made by an MS studio? The game that the developers didn't want to be exclusive to any platform but EA went behind their backs with it and made a deal with MS anyway?

I love how Xbox fanboys think 3rd party games are made, or really have anything to do with Microsoft. Microsoft gets royalties from 3rd party games, that's it. They don't make the games, they don't publish the games, hell they likely don't even go after the games very hard because 3rd party devs want to make money anyway. So explain to me how Titanfall, a game whose existence has literally nothing to do with Microsoft, is Microsoft bringing new games to the Xbox One?

Also, and I seriously couldn't give a damn about this but, Titanfall 2 isn't going to be exclusive to the Xbox One anyway. Enjoy having one game to brag about that you'll hate next year.

H0RSE1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )


Your rant has absolutely nothing to do with anything. First party studio, third party studio? It doesn't matter, because it is irrelevant to the the comment:

"Why is anyone surprised by this? This is Microsoft people. Why give Xbox fans a new, potentially GOTY IP that they can build on when they can just give you more of the same that they've been giving you for the past 8 years?"

- There is no mention of any studio, and only mention of MS as a company bringing or not bringing new IP's to the X1. The important part of that statement -

"Why give Xbox fans a new, potentially GOTY IP that they can build on when they can just give you more of the same that they've been giving you for the past 8 years?"

- is where my response comes in. You are ranting over the fact that MS has assigned BTS the project of a new GoW game, rather than a new IP that could potentially be GOTY material, while at the same time, Titanfall - a new IP for xbox, which is a likely candidate for GOTY, is being developed by a newly formed studio.

Your rhetoric was designed to showcase how MS apparently doesn't care about the games or their fans, and instead, would rather recycle what's worked in the past since it will likely result in guaranteed profit, and we all know how much MS likes money... Unfortunately, your response was a miserable failure.

In your anti-MS rage, you let your emotions get the best of you, and you just rant and go off topic, bringing up non-related circumstances in an attempt to both maintain your depiction of MS in a negative light, and discredit my claim, which is still just as valid as before you wasted all that space with your word salad. But I will answer your question, since it is so blatantly obvious.

"So explain to me how Titanfall, a game whose existence has literally nothing to do with Microsoft, is Microsoft bringing new games to the Xbox One?"

- Because the claim was never if the "existence" of the game is due to MS, but rather it's existence on xbox, which it is. You can't just develop a game and put it out on xbox, without going through MS. In addition, MS is providing the cloud/server/bandwidth/whateve r you want to call it, to assist Respawn with developing/running the game.

Respawn approached both Sony and MS with their needs, and MS were the ones that delivered, so not only is that one of the dumbest questions I've ever seen, it's also not in even accurate, since MS is actually directly involved with this game coming to xbox.

"Also, and I seriously couldn't give a damn about this but, Titanfall 2 isn't going to be exclusive to the Xbox One anyway. Enjoy having one game to brag about that you'll hate next year."

- that above quote just helps illustrate how absolutely bitter you are about the fact that xbox gets Titanfall and PS doesn't. It's not just that MS gets it and Sony isn't, it's that xbox is getting a game that, regardless if you like the game or not, might be the next big thing, and I bet that chaps your ass right off. You even try to justify and downplay this by bringing Titanfall 2 into the discussion. The thing is though, Titanfall will only see a sequel if it is a success, and depending on how successful it is, MS likely has the money to make sure it stays exclusive.

Oh, and this gem:

"and I seriously couldn't give a damn about this but,..."

is just another way of saying, "I actually do care, but I want you to think I don't," like when people say, "I don't mean to be a prick," right before they do something prickish...

maniacmayhem1698d ago

Funny how Sony fanboys yell and scream:
"MS has no exclusives."

Then when MS has exclusives like Ryse, Titanfall, D4, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break then the argument turns into:

"Well those aren't 1st party!"

It's pretty ridiculous how much time sony fanboys spend twisting and turning their own arguments to fit their agendas. It's pretty impressive and sad at the same time.

Biggest1697d ago

Remember the first few years of the X360? They had tons of juicy exclusives. Remember the last 5 years? Things have dried up, huh?

It's awesome that Microsoft has decided to support their machine in the early days. They know what works. Hook in their usual fanbase with a few games, then hand them shovelware and rehashes of the same four games. It will work again. . . For their fans. The problem is that Sony has taken a lot of those fans away.

The writing is already on the wall. This gen will be no different from last gen. Forza, <insertnewgame>, Halo, Gears, Forza, Halo, Gears, Forza, Halo, Gears.

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Spurg1699d ago

Wait...Next to no one knew or cared about the Black tusk game....Now suddenly everyone wants to know where its gone.

I'm a bit disappointed myself by that news because the IP was suppose to be rivalling Halo...Little did I know it was gears all along. But Ms still has new Ip such as Quantum break, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall and D4.

Anyways 343i is proof that Ms can make up a great team to handle a big franchise...Black tusk game will be one of them.

-Foxtrot1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

No one cared, are you serious it was one of the highlights at E3, people getting excited by a new IP which they cant wait to learn more about it.

343, Halo 4 was alright but didnt touch Bungies games. The online was a step back aswell which is why so many players like myself left

MRMagoo1231699d ago

No one cared about the new IP by black tusk , yet i can find right now within a minute 4 posts talking about black tusks new ip and how good they think it will be , thats just articles on the hottest news of today , if ppl didnt care about it why does it make it into georgenoobs exclusives of 2014 lists every time he makes one?

Spurg1699d ago

@ Fox
I'm sorry but are you tusk game didn't get any attention from no one. It got a little of my attention but QB, Titanfall. Sunset overdrive and Halo were the highlights. We didn't even get any info from then. I seriously don't remember any articles mentioning anything on black tusk game or it being on anyone's list of anticipated games.

n4rc1699d ago

He said the work they did prior to getting put on gears wasn't scrapped..

But he's right.. Who ever said that trailer was a game announcement? Their company name was the only wording in the entire thing.. I thought it was pretty cool..

And cmon guys.. These guys aren't being praised for no reason.. The team has some pretty impressive credentials and that's why people have high expectations of them.

Although.. I've never liked gears all that much and would have preferred something new.. But it will come..

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bganci1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Xbox one fan here. They advertised a new original ip from black tusk. ANOTHER 180. I have spent the last year defending them. I'm done. The Kinect was a waisted investment, inferior specs..they are lucky I care more about games than graphics. -sad xbox one owner. RIP new IP.

zerogotit1699d ago

Why do you have to defend the xbox? Im guessing you dont know what website youre commenting on.

Oh_Yeah1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Why would you think Xbox would change? They're making a killing off timed exclusives/ paying 3rd party's for exclusives, they are the leaches of the gaming industry with hardly any in house talent. They're scared to lose money by taking risks putting together their own teams. They'd rather pay other devs for what works and what sells.

bganci1699d ago

I defended xbox because I believed they would take a hint after all the 180s. I was hoping for a reinvention like Sony had after the launch of the ps3. You know get reliable leadership. Get them in the right direction.

headblackman1699d ago

you were never an xbox owner or fan. you're just a playstation fanbot looking to convert true xbox fans with your bs stories or being burned by xbox and microsoft. sorry sir. it's not gonna work! stick with your gaystation and we'll stick with our xbox!

bganci1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Would you like photos? Gamertag is bwaitforitganci look me up and say I'm a Sony fanboy. I was really excited for this new original ip they wanted to be the next halo. Who wouldn't.

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theWB271699d ago

"Knowing nothing about a new IP is better then no new IP...especially these days where all over it's usually sequel after sequel.

We mostly complain that we dont get enough of them and when have the chance to people act like they aren't bothered.

Gears started off as a new IP once upon a time remember"

How is knowing nothing about a new IP better than no IP? Either way you can't defend something that you either knew nothing about or didn't exist at all.

Can you sell me on this unknown IP? Can you get me more excited about this game that didn't exist, for all we know, than knowing they could create a game within the Gears universe with potentially better visuals than was shown at E3?(That trailer was in engine)

If you asked me...that snippet didn't look like anything we couldn't get in the next Splinter Cell game.

I don't complain about the lack of new IP's. There are plenty of games out there that can fill that new void. I'm emotionally invested in known things...I'm stoked to see where Nathan Drake goes next...where Master Chief has to go...where the Gears universe goes...if Kratos has any more vengeance left...where Sam Fisher infiltrates next.

Telling me I'm getting a new IP with NO knowledge of anything else doesn't get me excited as much as telling me where my favorite characters are going.

I can't wait to see the next Avengers even though we've seen these characters for the last 50+ years.

I know a series has to start somewhere...but telling me it's cancelled before there's any investment doesn't make me mad...there was nothing to care about.

Rainstorm811699d ago

I gotta disagree...I'm glad we got The Last of Us rather than getting Uncharted 4 in its place.

The game u begin knowing nothing about could be the next GotY...or favorite franchise

Gabenbrah1699d ago

I'm not worried, MS will bring in new IPs, we've already got Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark to look forward to and Rare, 343i and Lionhead are all working on unnannounced games, so there could be a new IP in those 3 as well, not to mention future third party relations like MS did with Respawn and Titanfall.

It is sad not to see Blacktusk Studios create a new IP, but maybe we'll see it after they complete Gears for Xbox One.

jmac531699d ago

There were rumors that BT was not producing and they were 6 months behind schedule. Maybe they were floundering creatively and that's why MS decided to give them an established franchise.

FACTUAL evidence1699d ago

I'm just hoping it's not going to be gears and halo every other year again.....i didn't buy x1 for that....reason why I got it was for all these new ips they claim they were getting. Oh well guess i'll see down the road.

Automatic791699d ago

@ Factual

I think we got a good slate of upcoming games. Lets support it so that we can continue to get more new IP's

beerzombie1698d ago

Well that a you problem, I have own all of the Xboxes and I know what I am getting. Shooters and more shooters and my friends and family knows it too.

Automatic791699d ago


Its obvious your not a fan. Why do you even worry about what Xbox One game developers are doing. So far we know more about Xbox One games then any other company. I like the open communication that the company specifically Phil Spencer has with us gamers. Jump on or don't talk at all and enjoy your system of choice.

Note: To all gamers lets enjoy the next few years and support the games. Without our support companies can and will go out of business.

jmac531698d ago

Ha! Short-term memory right? Open communication with gamers and Microsoft do not belong in the same sentence together. Were you living under a rock this past year?

-Foxtrot1698d ago

I am a fan

I do care

I do worry

Unlike you though, I can criticize, you type of people think people can only be a "fan" of something if you are positive about it and ignore any flaws.

"So far we know more about Xbox One games then any other company."


ONLY BECAUSE Microsoft needed to get us back on their boat about what they did with the Xbox One reveal and are still doing today with their lies about resolution, framerate, the cloud etc.

They announced some things way too early. Black Tusks new game for example which wasn't even a game now, Sunset Overdrive which probably won't be out untill early next year, Quantum Break and Halo 5 which will be out late this year. Sony never announced a bunch of stuff because they don't need to, slow and steady wins the race.

1699d ago
Azzanation1698d ago

I don't understand how you can turn this into a negative. Gears of War 4 (Xbox 2nd biggest franchise) will be making a return on there next gen system. On top of that they have more new IPs on the way.
Sonys releasing Imfamous Second Son and plans for a future Uncharted 4 game (All stable franchises like Gears) While MS are bringing us Titanfall and many others.
Why cant you accept the facts there doing a good job and are heading in the right direction?

-Foxtrot1698d ago

How am I turning that into a negative, it's a comment...your perception on my comment where you THINK it's negative is what's going on.

It's true they made out and lead people on the teaser they showed at E3 was from a full on game and they are moving their new game onto the backburner for Gears of War which in terms of pushing the story forward has no place to go since the game wrapped everything up nicely.

BlackTar1871698d ago

Just keep bringing the IP's MS and il keep buying them. Don't slow down don't faulter just keep making quality games that are fresh. Please don't release 6 hals 5 Gears and 4 Forzas this gen and basically let that define you again for another generation.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1698d ago

Ryse was brand new and you Sony fans cried about it.

Funny how all the Sony fans are complaining about sequels when they are waiting for Uncharted 4, Infamous 3, God of War 4, GT6 just came out they're waiting for GT7, they can't wait for another LBP, they had another Killzone at launch and so on.

But hey.. it's N4G. Sony fans are always right, any other console or PC fan is wrong. MS fan can't wait for Halo 5. "Ha! Another sequel! Another FPS shooter!" "Come out with some new IP's!!!!"

But then on that very same N4G when a Sony sequel comes out... "YES! KILLZONE 3.. FPS FOR THE WIN!" "Yes! Another Uncharted! It's ok.. it's Sony's sequels!!! Only MS making sequels sucks!!"

Ya... search your feelings. You know it to be true

-Foxtrot1698d ago

"You" Sony fans

Look I may be a tad pro Sony but that dosen't make someone a "fanboy". If one company is doing things better then other companies at the moment then what the hell do you expect. As a gamer thats what you do, you look forward and support a company that is supporting YOU as a gamer.

Seriously the problem with you guys is instead of tacking things that the article on hand is about, you go straight to name calling. The amount of times I've heard "You Sony fans". Seriously you bring this silly Microsoft vs Sony nonsense onto yourself.

Oh and most people went on about Ryse...because it looked boring. Guess what, most people were was.

The difference between Sony and MS like you are going on about is while Sony may do ANOTHER fps game they have proven thats not all they focus on.

BlackTar1871698d ago


Gears: 4 around 6 yrs. will be 5 in 7yrs
Halo: 8 games 10-11yrs will be 9 in 11-12
Forza: 6 games 6 years

Infamous: 2 games in 4 yrs will be 3 in 5
Uncharted:3 games in 6yrs will be 4 in 7(depends)
God Of War: 4 games (Console) in 7 yrs including PSP 6 games in 7 yrs.
GT:7 games in like 15 yrs

Mister_Dawg1698d ago

"Knowing nothing about a new IP is better then no new IP"

Strange comment. If there is no new IP, then there was nothing to know about in the first place.

cellur1111698d ago

Another gears game. That's going to be great because we all know how great they are.

jb2271698d ago

Microsoft have been the kings of double talk regarding this whole situation. First Phil Spencer is singing Black Tusk's new Ip's praises, calling it "the next Halo", then it's no longer a new ip, it was always just "some concept work". They are saying that this gen is all about great exclusives and new ip's, while the only "new ip" in the cards is Project Spark and Quantum Break, meanwhile all of their visible resources have been put into keeping games off of other systems instead of creating new ones on their own. I really felt like MS had a shot at taking on Sony's role from this last gen as the best platform for variety in exclusives, and I was ready to drop the coin to support that, but for as often as they claim it's all about the new games and the future, it's obviously more about trying to squeeze past successes for every drop of money and credibility they are worth....e3 would need to have some HUGE reveals of exclusive new ip's w/ firm, concrete release dates before I'd ever trust MS w/ my money. It's pretty unethical to me to sell your box w/ firm promises of new experiences only to backtrack and backburner all of that in order to keep the dudebros xbox live bucks rolling in. Say what you will about Sony and Nintendo, but at least they try new things from time to time that include actual honest to god games and not "promises of new experiences"

Automatic791698d ago

Your comment makes no sense. Sony is doing the same thing and your knocking MS who already announced more new IP.

Automatic791698d ago

Your a fanboy and you know it. If yo don't like what MS shows then don't worry. But don't pretend your something that we all know your not. Your a bandwagon jumper just from your comments. Go ahead spin your bs.

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maniacmayhem1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Well that pretty much 100% confirms that. I was wrong in saying BT might still be able to work on whatever it was they were working on.

We probably won't see anything Gears related until next year given how long these development cycles are. I am very curious to see what they do with Gears, I am really hoping they take it in a new direction with familiar game mechanics.

I'm still interested in what MS has in store for other IP's though.

lifeisgamesok1699d ago

Epic says they have a slew of Xbox One games coming out in 2015 I'm anxious to see what they are

Aces171699d ago

As much as I like Gears the should have focused on a new IP first. Now that they brought Gears there is no need to rush to make a new one.

Lilrizky1699d ago

They probably originally planned to do that, but what they didn't plan on is the success of the PS4. Gears makes a lot of money for Microsoft.

I mean after last year's fiasco, I think Microsoft has a lot to prove but it is making some right moves considering their current position.

SlavisH21698d ago

yeah m$ just paid $100 mil for rights. No rush in getting a return on their investment. Im sure shareholders would agree with you too. :P

Pinkdolphinyfg1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I think 343i should work on a new i.p. Perhaps a sci-fi survival horror game akin to deadspace? They definetely have the art direction. Would also like to remind everyone that the producer of the first two gears (arguably the best ones) and Bioshock infinite is on board for this game.

Bolts-N-Rays11091699d ago

It's rumored that they are also working on another game besides the next Halo.

spicelicka1699d ago

Actually I think the rumour is that they're working on another halo game besides the next halo.

Which is great news for halo fans like me, but I'd rather see another ip since we're getting the regular halo games anyway. Don't want too much halo if the quality is compromised.

BlackTar1871698d ago

If they keep producing Halos man ill be sad when i have to stop playing them out of sheer over saturation of the story arc.