USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 1/18/2014

Gen 8 Lifetime Hardware Sales (US):
PS4 54,284 (-20%) 2,194,794
XOne 52,836 (-23%) 2,064,549
WiiU 19,231 (-21%) 2,212,492

Gen 8 Lifetime Software Sales (US):
XOne 135,288 (-23%) 5,134,862
PS4 111,088 (-21%) 4,466,528
WiiU 93,622 (-27%) 9,095,561

Top 5 Games
Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) 48,430
Minecraft (X360) 34,429
Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) 29,231
Grand Theft Auto V (X360) 27,903
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) 23,300

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Axios21699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

So much for the PS2 era coming back

For the record

X1 outsold PS4 by 48,000 last month in US

Nitrowolf21699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

"So much for the PS2 era coming back"

What do you even mean by that? Sales wise (well duh this is a sales article), I mean it was already confirmed as the best selling console thus far for a launch. And in comparison to the PS2, which did 10 Million it's first whole year on the market globally, the PS4 is already at the half way point with 10 months to go and no Japan release yet either.

If you mean in terms of dominance, well does lead 1.5 Million globally to, with MS dominant markets no longer being their dominant in terms of competition.

Not trying to say X console is better than X, just looking at the sales given, but yea I do have to say that the PS4 does indeed have a "PS2" feel in terms of whats coming out in the coming months and the momentum it has.

aceitman1699d ago

and it looks like ps4 has beaten x1 on american soil , with sony starting to meet demand and income tax returns i see the gap get wider on american it is globally

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1699d ago

andddd PS4 is still not in stock I'm starting to see it in stock as of this week so FEB will be interesting

badboy7761699d ago

Why no one never mentions marketing?

1699d ago
mcstorm1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

What is interesting is the difference in total sales numbers of games on the PS4. Most 3rd party games on the xbox one have sold better than the PS4 and the exclusives are selling better on the xbox one too.

Still rather than say one is better than the other we need to say well done Sony and Microsoft as both are selling well and come on Nintendo start showing off the WiiU and lets see good sales on all 3.

mkis0071699d ago


Actually took me a second to notice that it was listed by week sales not by lifetime... So the second number is what you want to look at. Only BF4 and COD have sold more on xbox 1 than ps4 of the third party releases. BF4 is the one that surprises me. The exclusives obviously will only sell on their respective consoles. It looks like Killzone is only listed for paying members.

truefan11699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

All I'm going to say is ps4 had a week head start over the XB1 and the gap is now less than 130k with Titanfall releasing in March. Add in refunds and this gap might be closed by May. Worldwide, ps4 will own, but in the USA, where I game, XB1 will reign supreme. Especially holiday season 2014, no ps4 game will be able to match up with Halo. PS4 is definitely selling the best, no denial there, but I think it has more to do with anti MSFT. People bought the console, but didn't buy games, look at those software sales. I also predict scalpers make up a ton of ps4 sales.

combatcash1699d ago


The ps3 outsold the 360 in the U.S and the 360 had a year start. I'm sure the x1 will do well but with a lower price point and the brand I firmly believe the ps4 will outsell the x1 by a large margin.

Fez1698d ago

PS3 was no where near to 360 sales in the US. It was the rest of the world that made up the most of the ps3 sales.

mediate-this1698d ago

People need to stop touting japan as the one to skyrocket the ps4 sales, people japan is f'n dead in terms of what they use to be. The buy handhelds and iphones, every generation less consoles get sold there. If im wrong im wrong, but i dont japan will be critical in sales this gen.

Fez1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Anyone want to link to me sales numbers that show ps3 outselling 360 in the US?

I know this is a small point but you can't agree with @combatcash because his first statement is false. And that statement is a precursor to his argument.

"The ps3 outsold the 360 in the U.S and the 360 had a year start" is a lie or display of ignorance. Either way it's false.

Even comparing selling rates the 360 sold faster than the ps3 in the US.

X360 ~ 40m
PS3 ~ 25m

People need to start reading comments and thinking about them rather than agreeing or disagreeing based on whether they think the person supports the same console as them or not.

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DanielGearSolid1699d ago

Sooooo how about them worldwide numbers?

Hicken1699d ago

For the record, PS4 was sold out most of last month.

What about November, though? And what about now?

What about December in the rest of the world?

It's amazing that you cut your argument down to one tiny section of a debate and claim victory, as if everything else out there doesn't make your little moral triumph pointless.

georgeenoob1699d ago

It was out a week earlier than X1 in November. Nice try though.

GribbleGrunger1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Have you ever caught yourself when you post something like that and thought better of it. How can you have the gall to use a weeks earlier launch as the reason the PS4 is sitting 1.5 million in front? The PS3 launched a full year later in America and 16 months later in Europe but that didn't compute with people like you for some reason. Next weeks numbers will be higher too because recently we got a big shipment of PS4s to bother America and Europe.

Kayant1699d ago


"It was out a week earlier than X1 in November. Nice try though." - Just like how PS4 launched a wk later in the UK and EU and was/still is ahead?( In most of the countries XB1 launched as well).....

What's your point?

ovnipc1699d ago

No it was not. Even on evay ps4 are going for 400 even. Most game stops and best buys have lots of ps4. Like this guy said nice try. The fact is that xone its producing more money than ps4. And xone will pass ps4 in the usa eventually. Xone sells more software than ps4 and thats were the money is like x360 sells double what ps3 sales, sorry but sony still under.

CernaML1699d ago

^Its time to wake up now.

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MysticStrummer1699d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gamer19821699d ago

XB1 sales have been dropping off now PS4 has been more readily available.. Look at the change amounts. It was the same last month too. PS4 seems to be picking up traction and Xbox One losing it.

ShinMaster1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

48k wow /s

PS4 is outselling the Xbox One in American territory. Period.

"So much for the PS2 era coming back"
3 months in? Really? Talk about fanboy desperation.

DJMarty1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Axios2 - PS4 is outselling X1 by over 100K worldwide on a weekly basis. Your point is?

Madock1699d ago

It's funny how everyone is saying Wii u is dead & a flop while xbone (with these sales) will need several years to catch up with it
Lets remember no one gona buy it in Japan & here in Europe nobody seem that interested in it at all despite a furious marketing campaign & massive 'nxt gen' hype
It's getting 1 ?good game this year while competition getting plenty of releases
If i need to bet on a flopped console it wld b xbox

HaveAsandwich1699d ago

it's not coming back. it's going to get topped by the ps4.

xxShadow-Shockxx1698d ago

Only Because Sony wasn't supplying enough PS4's, so obviously it wasn't gonna beat the xbox one in that month. sony was releasing in a ton of places so that took a lot of sonys stock.

NeloAnjelo1698d ago

So? No where else in the world though.

Pple are buying inferior hardware. What's the cost of 720p and 30fps? 100 bucks more. Soon more will realise this.

Pple are still queuing up for PS4s, with all selling out when stocked. Can't say the same for the BONE.

Joey_Leone1698d ago

Every store i went too, Best buy,Gamestop,Radioshack,Wal-Ma rt,Target, There's XboxOne's EVERYWHERE, Even the day one edition. These XboxOne systems aren't selling for S%#*. It's so bad even local SWAP-MEETS are trying to get rid of them. PS4 systems on the other hand are nowhere to be found, and if there are some ps4's available, it's selling for more than $450. These Xbox consumers are really delusional and never think before they speak. Just wait for Sony to restock American store shelves.

dale_denton1698d ago

it hurts doesn't it? there there.. it will be okay. just go back to playing your 720p 30fps games.

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lifeisgamesok1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Keep going next gen sells (as I'm paused playing Xbox One) :)

torchic1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

why do people on this site use "sells" instead of "sales"? is it some American spelling or something?

it's horrible spelling, that.

HighResHero1699d ago

It's so common that I wonder if it's a translation glitch. No it's not a conventional or even popular unconventional American way of misspelling that word.

Spenok1699d ago

It has nothing to do with some american way of spelling it. It is literally just people who have no concept of how to spell correctly. ESPECIALLY when it comes to spelling online.

Far too many people don't know the difference between then and than, to and too, there and their, or even your and you're.

It's frustrating to see. Especially on social media sites. Gets on my nerves lol.

MRMagoo1231699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

LMFAO i have seen people use sells incorrectly so many times , they seem to use sells where sales should be and sales where sells should be. It seems to be as prevalent as the people that use aks instead of ask in America.

Sells is used as such lifeisgamesok "bob sells cakes" "john often sells his drugs to hookers"

Sales is used as such "How many million more sales will PS4 get compared to the Xbone" "I hear Sony has sales often on PSN plus" hope that clears it up.

I wish ppl could bubble me up for "educational" lol

Oh_Yeah1699d ago Show
SITH1699d ago

Yet your entire reply is riddled with grammatical errors. I guess capitalization of the first word at the beginning of a sentence is an American only thing? Or how about that question mark going inside the quotation marks? Is that unique to us also?

Horrible indeed.

Fez1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

You're right, I've only ever seen "sells" instead of "sales" on n4g! And it's a lot of people on here too.

Almost as annoying as "worse" instead of "worst".

How hard is it to get these things correct?

Edit: Geezo, comment right below (Jay70sgamer) starts off with the exact same issue. Clearly an English speaker and possibly in his 40s judging by his name...

This has to stop!

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Jay70sgamer1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Sells on all systems was not good ....this week........everybody was saying the new systems are gonna blow away wii u doesn't seem that way wide Xbox one sales was only 35,000 more than the wii u and playstaion 4 about 100,000 with them numbers its gonna be awhile before anyone outsells the wii u worldwide sales especially with no killer games for atleast two months (drought)just saying and for those that say well Ps4 it's not in japan yet ...just remember they may move 400,000 copies but you also must remember donkey kong tropical freeze is released the day before playstation 4 arrives in japan so wii u will move quite a few consoles world wide ...just saying .....the launch craze is definitely over or almost over ....

Nitrowolf21699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

"everybody was saying the new systems are gonna blow away wii u ."

what took the Wii U a year and a half to achieve is almost achieved by both the X1 and PS4. PS4 is just a shy 1 Million of the world wide sales for Wii U. And Basically next week we are looking at the PS4 outselling the Wii U in the states.

If you remove Japan from the Wii U Equation, we are looking at roughly 4 Million (sold 1.5 in Japan). So in a sense, yes, the PS4 and almost X1 have sold mroe than the Wii U in nearly every place but Japan (since neither PS4 or X1 are out in Japan)

Jay70sgamer1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

But look at the scenario right now it's only outselling the wii u by a hundred thousand is 900,000 units behind and all systems aren't going to move that many units will move 300,00o ,400,000 the most when it comes out in japan .....also at the pace it's at now moving only 100,000 units more than wii u it will take almost two months to catch the wii u if that happens and by that time most likely mario kart will be out and yes infamous son is coming out but based on infamous it only sold only 1,800,000 copies ...donkey kong 6 million ...infamous second son looks like a great game but it's not a sales monster just saying I said the launch hype is over or just about ....numbers don't lie ...also can't that same therory be used with xbox not launching in the same amount of countries as playstation ..if xbox was launched in the Asia and European countries wouldn't their sales be closer or similar to ps4 numbers ....yes it will outsell it in the usa but worldwide sales is the number that matters most ....

1699d ago
GribbleGrunger1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


These numbers are more than a week old and fresh shipments of the PS4 went out last week. The gap will already have been reduced to 700,000 (prior to the shipments) and the new shipments will boost the PS4s sales beyond what we see today. I'd say around another 150,000 caught up which puts it at 500,500 behind.

By the time the PS4 launches in Feb 22nd, it will be very close in sales to the Wiiu, or even ahead, depending on whether Driveclub releases and how many PS4 shipements Sony allotted to Japan. Thief and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn also release this month along with new Indie titles.

We also had a games drought recently and I'm sure Tombraider will help give both the X1 and the PS4 a slight boost. By March 1st the PS4 will have outsold the Wiiu easily. My the end of March it will have a million+ lead over the Wiiu and around a 3 million lead over the X1.

johndoe112111699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


Do you even believe the utter senseless nonsense you are writing??? The wiiu had a year head start and these systems are close to passing it after only 3 months. Nintendo cut their sales forecast from 9 mil to 2 mil. what are you talking about????

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DanielGearSolid1699d ago

I don't think Donkey Kong is gonna do much more than Mario did for the WiiU

Especially with bo holiday rush

Jay70sgamer1699d ago

Donkey kong games always sell look at wii and 3ds and mario is at 1,600,000 not bad for a game with a small base the attach rate is crazy one third of all wii u owners have mario world just saying

DanielGearSolid1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I'm not saying Donkey Kong won't sell... But more than Mario? I just don't see it

The attach rate is cool and all but the 1/3 mostly consists of ppl who already owned the WiiU. Mario didn't really sell much systems

GenericNameHere1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

What did Wii owners buy other than Just Dance, Wii Fit, and 1st-party Nintendo games? When you buy a console with only a few third-party support, what else are you gonna buy? I'm gonna predict inFamous Second Son doing better than Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. AND I'm also gonna predict the PS4 outselling the Wii U worldwide by March 31st. The Xbone doing the same a month later. The Wii U will be the GameCube 2.0, like many people have been saying before.

Jay70sgamer1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Did you just see the nintendo report nintendo said they sold almost 5.86 million wii u since launch the report is out almost at 6,000,000 ...two million wii u sold since before the holidays ......just saying

Bathyj1699d ago

Pfft, I wish it were as good a console as Gamecube.

oof461699d ago

@Jay70sgamer: The ps4 and Xbox One are on target to outsell the WiiU. Donkey Kong will sell, but more than Mario? I doubt it. Xbox One and ps4 console sales have slowed down a bit because of supply problems and lack of compelling software, but that will change soon. What is troubling is two consoles a hundred and two hundred dollars more expensive than the WiiU are on the verge of outpacing it. Nintendo needs a price drop.
While, you no doubt, love your console, Nintendo has clearly lost 3rd party support and, because of muddled advertising, the casual market that ate up the Wii. The best analogy I've read is instead of anticipating where the puck will be, Nintendo is bent on dictating where the puck will go. It worked wonders with the Wii, but, they have not repeated that success with the WiiU.
Nintendo is not going to die, but they really need to rethink their strategy if they want to regain top dog status.

N4g_null1698d ago

Jay70sgamer has a point. Yet even I question the selling power of a few games here.

Looking for the wii fit u data... almost nothing. Wii sports club is the same and I though 3d Mario was going to sell like a 3d mario. Mario kart 8 and smash are all I can see doing huge numbers if that doesn't work it may be time for a Nintendo Killzone or halo fest fps or buy enix.

It is hard to to tell yet we aren't seeing a ps3 like movement yet. The fast sales are impressive for hype reasons yet we will see what the true demand is for ps4 in the future.... it is kinda artificially high right now There are no games pushing those numbers. The reasons for why it is selling if board line faddish at best. Sony can't even get its laptops to sell like the ps4. I looked at a 4k sony today but was won over by an LG...

There seems to be a rebellion against getting a wiiu due to marketing. Marketing is the main reason the wii sold yet once you got it at least 20 million gamers where out buying games. The marios did crazy numbers, mk smash even dk did crazy numbers. While wii fit and sports resort play all did incredible numbers.

A thesis on marketing needs to be done on this like how a book was written about sony after their troubles. Even none bias media put down the reveal of the wiiu, yet apple is still going strong.

The ps2 was king because it meant you got to keep more of your money. It has always been about making more money.

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GenericNameHere1699d ago

"Did you just see the nintendo report nintendo said they sold almost 5.86 million wii u since launch the report is out almost at 6,000,000 ...two million wii u sold since before the holidays ......just saying"

Yes, yes I did. That was SHIPPED numbers. And I wouldn't be happy if ONLY 6Mil Wii Us were sold from November 18th, 2012 - Now. Then that last thing you said before "just saying"... 2 Million Wii Us sold during the holidays. Uh huh. A WHOPPING 2M... Worldwide.

The holiday shopping basically start on November, and there were TWO big things that came out that month. If the Wii U to you was impressive at 2M sold from November-January 1st, then I can't imagine what you would say about the Xbone and PS4. What with them being more expensive and not having must have games ATM.

NOTE: I know you, or someone, will bring up the Vita sales. To save you the trouble, "It doesn't matter". We're not talking about handhelds here. We're not talking about Sony's financials here. We're talking about the Wii U and how Nintendo is handling it. The 6M report was SHIPPED, and even if they sold 6M since the Wii U's release two years ago, that's really small.

N4g_null1698d ago

The amount of ps4 sold don't matter ethier unless they keep that pace. It's like claiming victory as the sprinters begin the race only slow thinking person would claim victory so far from the finish kine.

Also we ignore the fact that nothing else sony made sells as well. Then we don't see the powerhouse games. The only conclusion you can come with is fan boys buying hoping that sony makes better games. I've been hoping for this since the ps2 days.

I'm liking that sony is starting to sell closer to its rivals... Sony use to mean normal gear at premium price just because they did something different yet got the same out come... memory sticks stick out the worst. Lol.

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WeAreLegion1699d ago

Took first again, eh? Nice.

Majin-vegeta1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Wow nice
Much success
such Greatness

No??Ok then *slowly backs out of the room*

OT:Look at that PS4 go.

akurtz1699d ago

Healthy sales. Alive and thriving.