Four 16-bit RPGs That Deserve an HD Makeover

Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "One of the more popular genres during the 90′s was the Japanese RPG. That decade was a golden age for killer JRPGs, and many gamer’s all-time favorites are rooted in this timeframe. Personally, I’ve yet to truly enjoy a modern JRPG, so I sat down to think about which games from my youth I’d love to play again, but in HD on a new console. Four games in particular really stood out as being my most memorable JRPG experiences from the 16-bit era, and ones deserving of an HD makeover. Without further adieu here are the four (rank has no value) 16-bit RPGs that would kick some most righteous ass in HD."

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kalkano1630d ago

I was drawn in by the picture of Shining Force 2. ;)
It's my least favorite of the 3 main Shining Force games; but, that still makes it one of the greatest games of all time.

FamilyGuy1630d ago

Wish an HD Sprites and background remaster was easier/fast to do. Would love to play pretty version of a ton of retro titles.

ShinMaster1630d ago

Kinda like FF4 Complete?

JohnnyTower1630d ago

Chrono trigger already got an HD makeover when it was ported over to the ds.

3xkrazy1630d ago

I suggest you look up the definition of high definition and come back with a reply.

DanielGearSolid1630d ago

Hmmm... So many good ones I can't decide

XtraTrstrL1630d ago

Secret of Mana ftw!

I'd really like a new Secret of Mana in HD, rather than just a remake.

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