Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze To Not Use Gamepad?

The latest report from a recent hands on with DKR: Tropical Freeze is that the game won't show anything on the Gamepad when playing.

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R00bot1700d ago

I believe they did say that you could turn it's screen off while playing to conserve power. Of course, you can leave it on if you want to play off-screen or something.

for we are many1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It will use it for off-TV play, and turn it off during TV play. How many articles did we get today about this! The gameplay preview points to the game being a masterpiece though.

JackieCruise691699d ago

All I'd really need for this kind of game is Off-tv play. It's a side scroller, you can't really do much with it without making it seem pointless or stupid.
It's better than having the battery deplete faster with the screen on during the game.

Rockefellow1699d ago

Did we really need another article covering this plastered on the News section? There's nothing being added here that hasn't been discussed already.

There should be some ramifications for submitting duplicate articles like there used to be a year or two ago. It's only going to get worse, as no-name sites scramble to shove their poorly written garbage onto the front of N4G for poor souls to mistakenly click on.

Nodoze1699d ago

Wow. That is pretty poor showing. IATA was right the game pad is a weakness. Even first party cannot figure out what to do with it. Sad.