Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Vita Review - Beautiful But Lacking [Pixel Gate]

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a strange but beautiful beast. It may look like a run-of-the-mill fighter that focuses purely on button mashing and spectacle, but there’s more to it. Behind the simplistic front lies a layer of strategy and planning not often associated with Dragon Ball Z videogames, but one that works nevertheless.

Battle of Z offers a singleplayer campaign spanning across a number of familiar sagas, starring an impressive range of characters. The early missions act mainly as a means to familiarize the player with the controls and pace of the game and can be easily dusted off with little-to-no effort. Things begin to get harder and much more unforgiving when boss battles are introduced. At times, it feels like some bosses are almost unbeatable thanks to single attacks that can wipe out a team, taking most of the allocated number of knock-outs assigned in each mission. The sheer brutality of some bosses will no doubt leave the player both confused and frustrated. But for the most part, the singleplayer is an enjoyable–if not overly extended by the closing acts–romp through the Dragon Ball Z universe.''

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GamerEuphoria1700d ago

Just for sake of pointing out, the review does not compare it to the 360/ps3 versions. Also the multiplayer section was based on personal experiences with lag, as mentioned this could be down to a lot of the online players being in the US thus over seas connections!

Any questions, feel free to ask ^^

gano1699d ago

are there beam battles/tug of war.
how long is the game and how is replay volume.

GamerEuphoria1699d ago

Single player can be dusted off in about 6 hours, replay value if you want to hit max rankings in each mission/grind cards exp.

No battles, there are team combos though