The Order: 1886 "Leaked" Shots Are From An Old Build, Developers Currently "Crunching" On The Game

GearNuke: "The Order: 1886 recently received a set of new screenshots, that were available on the official new site of Sony Santa Monica. According to Founder of Ready at Dawn, developers of The Order: 1886, these screenshots weren't supposed to be released to the public because apparently they are very old, and most likely belong to an old build of the game."

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yellowgerbil1634d ago

still looks better than any next gen so far released even in it's early build

georgeenoob1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Quantum Break's graphics are a lot better going by this screenshot alone.

I respect your opinion, but you might want to look at this video if you haven't already.

Outside_ofthe_Box1634d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Seeing as The Order 1886 is the closest thing to photo realism on consoles I disagree. The Order looks better.



Yeah I've seen that. The Order is better though:

Remember that ^ is an old build. It's only going to look better.

Thanks to Destrania down below for the link. I've never seen some of the screenshots on there.

1634d ago
yellowgerbil1634d ago

While I won't deny that Quantum Break looks good graphically I still think Order looks better, but that could just be a stylistic preference, Quantum Break looks too much like a Heavy Rain ripoff to me, Even the name Quantum Break, Quantic Dreams... I don't believe in coincidence.

scott1821633d ago

The order takes the cake in the graphics department so far..


i don't doubt that. PS4 future is just so bright.


I think it will be pretty close between this and Quantum Break.

I cant wait to play both of them.

erathaol1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Oh god what a relief! I was about to say, "This could be bad." when I saw the bland environments.

Good to hear their working hard on the game. This is their first big game and I'm really rooting for them. Especially since the idea could be great to play as a game.



Now that's the game I want to see!

sinspirit1633d ago

Sorry but that doesn't represent the final product. We have already seen some X1 games change from what they initially showed us at e3 and other conventions.

Studio-YaMi1633d ago

As much as I like what I saw from Quantum Break,it won't hold a candle to what The Order 1886 can do,let's not forget that Quantum Break is almost like Heavy Rain or Beyond:Two Souls,so it's scripted most of the time.

But going by your history George,you like everything Microsoft gives you,even if it's crap on a platter,so....

Anyways,can't see more out of both those games in the near future.

Volkama1633d ago

Some people's eyes must be a lot better than mine.

You could show me that screenshot and tell me it was a 360 game, and I'd see no reason to doubt you.

That's no reflection on The Order, I just can't really see squat in these screenshots.

pornflakes1633d ago

The Division looks better than The Order.

medman1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

This bozo apparently can't differentiate cut-scenes in Quantum Break from gameplay. Good luck with that. You're aptly named noob. After Sony destroys Microslop at E3, we'll see what your response is. I'm betting you'll be in heavy denial, much as you are now. Enjoy your 720p, 30 fps cloudddzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

assdan1633d ago

Trying to compare old build to a crappy compressed youtube video is about the worst comparison you can do. And based On power, the order will look better, have a higher fps, or both. Sorry, it's time for Xbox fans to admit that the ps4 is far stronger. Possibly even double the strength.

ShinMaster1633d ago

Heavy color grading does not equal better graphics. Sorry Quantum Break.

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Not really, as of now, I will still say that Ryse, and Killzone look better.

Outside_ofthe_Box1633d ago

Quantum Break and The Order looks better than those two in my opinion.

hellzsupernova1633d ago

They are crunching already? Do we have a release date?

Really pumped for this game even though I don't have a playstation 4

ABizzel11633d ago

I guess it's this holiday 2014.

LiViNgLeGaCY1633d ago

" I don't have a playstation 4"

Well I think you should rectify this.:)

hellzsupernova1633d ago

@livinglegacy I wish I had one sold it am moving overseas for travel. Vita my main console now :)
I'll buy another maybe when I get to Canada :D

1633d ago
Masterh0ppa1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

but it's 900p? correction "800p" .

Destrania1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

1920x800 isn't '800p' smh. In fact it's a higher resolution than even '900p'. Basically it's 1080p but with filmic black bars on the top and bottom of the screen so it can't be considered quite full 1080p which is 1920x1080.

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Abriael1634d ago

lol. None of those screenshots was "leaked." They are right there on their official page.

DarkLordMalik1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

As per the developer, they weren't meant to be released. He also called them as "leaked" hence the quotation marks on this word. They likely belong to some ancient build. The developer calls new one even better.

Edit Below: Developer can clarify it better, lol. They are indeed available officially though.

Abriael1634d ago

I wasn't criticizing your article. I just find it funny that he calls them "leaked," when Sony Santa Monica put em on their official page.

itBourne1633d ago

Lol I doubt SSM set down and was like hey lets put up old builds on our website. SSM is a huuuge ass company, it would be easy for something to get mixed up. SSM has their own games in development, they also assist a massive amount of games being made with other studios. Ready at Dawn is one of them, do you really think the person who put it up at SSM is that tight nit with The Order's development? I think a lot of people do not realize how many projects SSM have their fingers dipped into.

Riderz13371633d ago

SSM isn't developing this though. It says "Developed and created by Ready at Dawn" in the trailer.

Axios21634d ago

Looks like "Dishonored' with guns

GarrusVakarian1634d ago

Lmao, what?

That's like saying Halo is Viva Pinata with guns. Completely nonsensical.

Axios21633d ago

it's like saying Titanfall is COD with Mechs, lol

Utalkin2me1633d ago


Thats kind of true actually. It looks alot like the COD engine.

Destrania1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I knew I had seen that second pic somewhere before. If people want to see amazing shots and renders from the game they're easy to find. Like...

GarrusVakarian1634d ago

Wow....that link is awesome. Some screenshots i haven't seen yet and the tech in this game is really interesting. Not to mention the detail on those character models!

Thanks for sharing that. +Bubbs.

inveni01633d ago

Yes, thank you for this link. Bubs from me, too. The hair on those in-game models is great. I hope there's a little animation to it.

Outside_ofthe_Box1634d ago

Bubbles up for that. The amount of detail in this game is crazy both graphically and story wise.

Jughead34161634d ago

I can't wait to see what Sony first party studios come up with.

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