EA results: Next-gen demand can't replace current-gen shortfall

"Year-on-year, the company's Q3 revenues for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games dropped from $566 million to $425 million -- 25 percent -- yet next-gen games generated only $24 million for the company. Revenue for PC games was slightly up (13 percent) and overall console game revenues were down 22 percent overall, year-on-year.

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GraveLord1665d ago

Not Yet.

When you buy $400/$500 consoles, somethings gotta give.

yellowgerbil1665d ago

What has EA made worth playing on next gen? just the same annual sports games crud that they release every year.

Starbucks_Fan1665d ago

When it works, BF4 is an incredible multiplayer experience. But that's really it for me. I don't know if Titanfall will be that great and the sports games are not much of an improvement from last gen. NBA2K14 is imo the best next gen sports game, because the graphics are incredible.

Spenok1665d ago

The game works for the most part. The biggest issue I have with it is the occasional stutter, or failing to load after a match finishes. Other than that the game works like a charm for me. I frequently play it around 2-4 hours a day.

The game is fantastic. If it was broken you wouldn't see the amount of people playing it that you do.

Also a note I play it on PS4. And if anyone would like to play hit me up. We can exchange PSN info and wreck havoc on some peoples xD

mydyingparadiselost1665d ago

Let's not forget about the super not broken at all Battlefield 4.......

danny8181665d ago

Actually... Its not as broken. But when it was i had no problem atarting a multiplayer match

Soldierone1665d ago

^Even EA said it was broken....

"The Problems are not hurting the sales"

Maxor1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Maybe if BF 4 wasn't such a huge mess on the nextgen then they would've made more money. The most interesting news in all this is that digital racked in over 500 million going up a huge 27%. The fact that digital comprise such a huge percentage of their business is telling. Hell, if Origin is making that much then the Steam numbers must be mind blowing.

Pandamobile1665d ago

Steam's pulling in around a billion a year.

WeAreLegion1665d ago

Which is why Gaben takes Valve employees and their families on vacation to Hawaii every year.

JohnnyTower1665d ago

75 million or so active steam users. Origin and uplay should just die already. They are horrid.

Spenok1665d ago

Origin won't be going anywhere unfortunately.

On a plus side though, Ubisoft already said they would be getting rid of Uplay passes recently. So that's good at least.

ExPresident1665d ago

Create a trash product and see if it doesn't affect future sales. Word of mouth helped prevent numerous customers from being scammed by a rushed BF3 that was completely broken.

You reap what you sow EA.

Not to mention its a new gen, and it is fairly expensive switching.

hellzsupernova1665d ago

Good stuff ea I have sworn them off
At least until battlefront I really want that game to not be screwed

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The story is too old to be commented.