All That’s Epic’s Favorite Retro Nintendo Games Worthy of a Wii U Remake Or Sequel

AllThatsEpic: Every gamer has a beginning– a time when they picked up a controller and threw themselves into an alternate reality for the first time. For many of us, Nintendo were the ones who allowed us to first experience such magic with consoles such as the NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64. While their newest console, the Wii U, has had quite a rough beginning, we will always honor and cherish Nintendo for the classic games that they provided us. But what better way to please Nintendo fans and Wii U owners than by remaking their favorite retro games or giving us sequels to those franchises that we so loved way back when? Therefore, we have compiled a list of our favorite Nintendo classics that we are hoping will be given a sparkling Wii U reboot or sequel.

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