AMD Teases New Ruby Tech Demo With A New Image

AMD has released the following image that can be considered a teaser for a new Ruby tech demo that has been under development for quite some time.

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iSpeakTruth__1693d ago

Looks great. Seems like it would make a cool game

hollabox1693d ago

Kinda looks Metal Gear Rising cyborgs. Don't really care for her new face, but looks good! I do wish AMD would just make a episodic game based off Ruby with new episodes every video card release.

Nivalis1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I am frankly shocked people can't tell the difference between a photo manipulation and full CG.
Large portions directly lifted from this image :

Car and helicopter blatantly drawn in, buildings further back obvious from some other image.

Tech demo my ass.

cbuc11251693d ago

Sorry but your pic looks more realistic than the AMD shot.

Nivalis1693d ago

Well it will do, its real, they just hacked it up in to bits then did a piss poor photoshop job on the rest.

Vithar1693d ago

kinda looks like Cypberpunk2077 from CD projekt
Can't wait for that game

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