EA was confident in 'Battlefield 4' prior to launch

XMNR: Electronic Arts held an investor's conference call Tuesday for its third quarter earnings for the 2014 fiscal year that ends in March. During the call, EA Studios head Patrick Soderlund attempted to explain why Battlefield 4 launched with so many problems on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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zerocrossing1631d ago

I think problem was launching the game in a near unplayble buggy mess (As far as online is concerned)

The problem is, EA knew people where going to buy BF4 in droves anyway, and took the (lets patch it later if it sells well) approach all so typical of them and other large publishers.

mrchump1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Yeah totally agree, I love the Battlefield franchise.
They really have let it down with BF4, there are definitely some great new features, but it feels like they are dumbing down the game to a degree.

It seems like a lot of games are being released in a buggy state, yeah its great that we can get games patched and improved. But to have bugged games released as finished products is unacceptable, hopefully eventually some legislation will be made against this.

Rikuide_Furame1631d ago

It's bit them in the rear though. This year, more than any before, CoD was vulnerable and BF blew it's chance all because EA couldn't wait.

I also think it shows just how little they think of gamers/fans that with all the issues BF4 has experienced since launch not one iota of compensation has been offered save double XP weekends (insult to injury given the game was still unplayable for many).

EA are poison.

KillrateOmega1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I agree. It's all because EA just could not bring themselves to give DICE the extra 2-4 weeks that they needed to iron out the bugs.

Believe it or not, EA, the people who have played Battlefield before are absolutely in love with it and can see how much more advanced it is than Call of Duty. Releasing the game a few weeks after Call of Duty won't stop them from buying the game. If anything, they'll love you even more for showing that you have it in to prioritize quality before all else.

We're not brain-dead idiots with no grasp of the concept of patience.

Fans. They exist.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1631d ago

I understand there are always online issues to wrinkle out but the sorry ass state of the single player mode pissed me all the way off. Played through half the game unlocked trophies and weapons and the game save file just vanished. Happened to me 2 times on the ps3 and once on the ps4.

This is definitely the last BF title I will buy new. eBay/disc replay type stores are becoming my friend because of the shady ass used car salesman tactics these developers have become so accustomed to. Unacceptable when free to play games have more stability/structure than million dollar franchises.

mcstorm1631d ago

I agree. People have hated on Nintendo when they have put some games back and the same was done with watch dog but if thru game comes out and its amazing then its worth putting it back. Sony did this with gt5 and when it came out it was a mess. It took 12 months to patch up the big issues but the game still felt buggy and unfinished. I got bf4 on the Xbox one at the end of last year and I was suppressed at how many issues it still had. the game is fun but a game esp this big should not be releasing a game that has so many issues.

It will be interesting to see what happens with bf and cod now as I know a lot of people who have said they are not interested in the next one and can't wait to get there hands on the next halo, destroy, titan fall and a few other fps games on the way. I di think its time to give mw fps games a rest now but it is now also up to developers to start making sure there games are finished and don't have half as many bugs as they do now.

thehitman1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Well EA did have lots of demos at events/conventions where people played live and nobody complained then. I suspect the problems that arose when released were much bigger than they thought were there and it probably extends to having so much people playing on different hardware and on different connection speeds making netcode difficult to create for such a dynamic and huge game. Thats the problem with PC development and gaming you always feel like beta testers for the first 3 months of a game release due to the complexity and scope of PC game development. This was a launch title game for the next-gen systems and it released across 5 platforms so you can imagine the amount of work that had to be put in. I have it for PS4 and tbh I enjoy it and the only bugs I seen was in conquest mode which I dont like anyway.

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NYC_Gamer1631d ago

EA released BF4 as an 60 dollar early access title

zerocrossing1631d ago

No doubt a trend we'll be seeing more and more often now that online patches can fix everything after release, instead of you know, the publishers actually giving developers the time needed to pump out a finished product.

ExPresident1631d ago

Then gamers/consumers need to show them it won't be accepted by not purchasing the games. The best way to show EA that this will not be tolerated is to hold of on any future purchases of EA games until they hit a discounted rate or the reviews of them have shown issues have been fixed. Or at the very least by it used so they don't get the money.

Its the only way.

Medusa1631d ago

My story mode was wiped after completing it. I was completely frustrated because there were some trophies that I wanted to unlock in specific missions, not to mention that during multiplayer, Its always a failure connecting to battle log during a match.. The whole game threw me off.

Avernus1631d ago

Seriously felt like I got ripped off when I played this game at launch. I know games these days aren't "perfect" at release, and I expected it, but even with my hopes set low I got really disappointed with how BF4 was.

Even now, after updates and patches, I feel the game isn't even at a point where it should have been released. The lag, the rubber banding, the hit detection / netcode...ffs EVEN THE SINGLE PLAYER is bugged / glitched to crap.

dazzrazz1631d ago

I see, he had to tell some bullsh8it to the investors :D

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