Battlefield 4 Will Buy Your Love With Free Weapon Unlocks, Battlepacks

DICE has promised once again to stabilize Battlefield 4. In the meantime, they've got a month's worth of goodies to throw your way.

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KangarooSam1664d ago

Awesome. May just get Premium thanks to this.

OmegaShen1664d ago

Wow -_- sorry DICE, but I all I need is DMR's and handguns unlock. Well the ones that aren't unlock, about 135hrs of gameplay.

ExPresident1664d ago

I actually laughed at this announcement. They are giving us nothing. We're getting crap already in the game to try and make us feel better, instead of actually doing something for us because we couldn't play a product we paid real money for, for over a month.

Call me crazy, but I don't see how I'm getting anything here. Player Appreciation would be telling me you are either refunding my premium entirely and I get to keep it, or giving me $10 back in PSN store credit because I couldn't even play the game.

Even then, my point still stands. I'm done with BF. Any future purchases will be via used copies or not until the game is severely discounted and the community posts show its working well.

Plenty of other hard working developers/publishers/indies out there who are trying to release a quality product without intentionally shafting consumers just to beat another game to the market.

princejb1341664d ago

I agree
I'm done with battlefield
How about they give premium members their money back and also give their dlc for free

isa_scout1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Agreed...I would also like to add that the term "Player Appreciation" actually offends me. When a game releases in a state like BF4 on PS4 they should call the promotion "We're Sorry". Why do devs only try to "appreciate" the players when the game is broken??? Screw EA,Screw DICE, and Screw Battlefield 4.
I'm so glad games like Destiny,Evolve, and Division will knock COD and BF4 down a peg and force these devs and publishers to reinvigorate their respective franchises.

rebeljoe141664d ago

My PS4 disk drive broke just as I was planning on playing this game

Skate-AK1664d ago

Video or it didn't happen.

swishersweets200311664d ago

don't worry, just call sony and they will give you a brand new one. happen to me.

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