EA Sports and the NFL "Still Have a Number of Years" on License

OS:Andrew Wilson told investors in EA's Q3 2014 earnings conference call that, "EA Sports and the NFL have a partnership for a number of more years," adding, "we have a number of games in development with the NFL."

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NYC_Gamer1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I'm very disappointed by this news..EA aren't doing nothing with the NFL/Madden license but releasing half ass updates every year.

badboy7761635d ago


Blame Microsoft Also. For Giving EA money and Partnering up with the NFL.

sinjonezp1635d ago

I think the context is interesting. Ea could have said the exclusive license is.still in play. What else is interesting is take2 is hosting a investors meeting the day after the superbowl. As gamers, pray feb3 brings some good news.

DEEBO1636d ago

damn! now this is sad news scared of the competition so you block them out.


Gamers just need to stop supporting the game man! I will not buy another NBA 2k game until they fix the online issues, I haven't purchased a Madden since the second one on the 360. They aren't really improving the game as much as we would like them to.

LAWSON721635d ago

Football gamers that I know just have hopes that the new one will be the game they always wanted and they just really want the latest rosters while coming out the start of the season just adds to the anticipation. Madden will always sell and that is because they know how to entice fans

webeblazing1635d ago

people buy because theres no other option. football lover want to play a football game. it one of the most played games when playing against your friends. people look at me sideways when they come to my house and i say i dont have madden.

Coach_McGuirk1635d ago

I don't care if it's NFL players or not.. I just want an online football game where you make a team and then play others.

PR_FROM_OHIO1635d ago

Well looks like i won't be playing any Madden games anytime soon!! EA really needs to go away!!

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The story is too old to be commented.