How can we fix JRPG’s this generation?

Just how can JRPG's be fixed in the new generation?

Updating battle systems, adding more character customization, and randomizing gameplay animations are all a good place to start.

Here are a few suggestions that can greatly enhance a gamer's JRPG experience with the PS4.

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Metallox1632d ago

Let's be honest here. X looks much better than any other JRPG game announced for this generation. Remember that it's the sequel of Xenoblade, without any doubt, the best JRPG of the last generation, and that was just the prototype of this game. Even developers stated that.

JackieCruise691631d ago

I agree completely. Final Fantasy 15 might beat X in the visuals department, but Monolith soft is teeming with JRPG gods from Squaresoft which used to make my favorite RPG's. And yes; Xenoblade was amazing, best JRPG to date, imo. Xenoblade has definitely set some high standards for JRPG's in my eyes and pretty much brought the genre back to life for me.

Lord_Sloth1632d ago

By realizing they weren't broken in the old days. I'm all for experimentation but the outright abandonment of the traditional JRPG style has me more than a little confused.