Sony/Sucker Punch Have “Quite a Bit of Input” on Sly Movie; Choice of CG over Cel Shading Explained

Today quite a few info on the upcoming Sly Cooper movie were released, with the first pictures and trailer, and Blockade Entertainment's Producer Brad Foxhoven shared some more details.

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sinncross1636d ago

I am glad that they are open to looking into design changes, I think that is a smart move.

As for not being cel-shaded, I dont think that is a problem. The animation in the trailer was pretty good

pyramidshead1636d ago

CG fits waaaaay more for a movie than cell shading.

BattleTorn1636d ago

Exactly what I came to say +

RytGear1636d ago

They need to tweak Sly a bit, he looks more like a baby panda than a racoon.

r211636d ago

Remove the whiskers part then IMO he'd be ok as he is now. I actually like his new look. Oh and get Kevin Miller back! The whole original VA gang aint there in the film :L

Triforce_Germaine1636d ago

Pandas are actually debated to be fat racoons lol :)

Magnus1636d ago

Just hope they keep the original voice actors in game to voice the movie. Nothing I hate more then when they change the voice actors in a movie and the voices sound shitty.

r211636d ago

If you checked the teaser trailer, Kevin Miller(Sly's VA) is the only one missing.

Qrphe1636d ago

Wait what? I've gone through some of the games recently and I didn't notice the VA change in this trailer.

REDBEARD1636d ago

While the animation does look good, I am kind of disappointed they didn't try to go for a cell shaded look. It would be unique for hollywood. I also don't like the way murray looks. The other characters look okay.

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