Beyond Two Souls’ Problematic Journey

Analog Addiction writes: "(WARNING: The following editorial contains spoilers from Beyond: Two Souls)

Heavy Rain is one of my favourite PlayStation 3 exclusives. Period. The interactive journey was one of the most memorable experiences I have had in gaming, introducing me to multiple characters, and allowing their stories to intertwine in unique and interesting ways. Though these characters were dealing with the actions of a crazed murderer (known as the Origami Killer), Heavy Rain succeeded at making us care and relate to their emotions.

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream wasn’t scared at pulling the rug from beneath our feet, if we made a mistake. Significantly, if players were to mess up certain quick time situations, characters that played pivotal roles in the narrative could die. There were no chances to react, or fix these mistakes, as the game would continue with these repercussions effecting the story taking place. One of my personal favourite characters never made it to the end of Heavy Rain, simply because I screwed up. This made Heavy Rain deliver a sense of intense dread throughout each scene."

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LAWSON721547d ago

One of these days I will find this at a Redbox, my luck though the game will be like $20 by then

Jamiex661547d ago

I picked Beyond up fairly cheap, and although I do have issues with the final product, it is one of those games that I still recommend experiencing simply due to how original and unique it actually is.

CrossingEden1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Um, i'm sorry, but anyone who's ever taken a film class would know that Beyond Two Souls has one of the most unoriginal plots of all time. Every character could've been a satire of archetypes, (not to mention the David Cage racism and/or plain stupidity because the navajo never lived in teepees). David Cage literally ripped every possible trope that you could from this type of story while also including convoluted nonsense into it. I'll let this video do the talking because i'm tired of repeating myself. (Btw, point and click games are not unique or original)
David Cage=talentless writer who has no idea how to write a proper story and should be forced to retake EVERY writing class he has ever taken three times over.
I am a huge Ellen Page fan so I was extremely hyped for this game, only for my expectations to be shot down, the game gets worse the longer you play it.

Jamiex661547d ago

I respect your opinion, I can definitely understand the problems Beyond has.

I express what I enjoyed in the feature and it is those moments when you are a child and exploring what it is like to have such an entity with you throughout your life. I definitely know Beyond has problems and perhaps you're right about the methods of gameplay not being truly unique, but Heavy Rain and Beyond have both provided me with an experience no other game has provided.

Even if, one of those was very mediocre.

I do find it odd you are only reading my one sentence, rather than my entire feature that brings up the many problems the game has.

Agent_00_Revan1547d ago

It was already $25 on Black Friday when I got it.

I enjoyed it. Sure it wasn't the greatest game, but the story was interesting and the slower gameplay was a nice break from all the faster paced action games and shooters.

Blaze9291547d ago

Beyond Two Souls to me imo is the worst game put out by David Cage yet. Definitely not as enjoyable as Indigo Prophecy or Heavy Rain which I played numerous times.

But Beyond? I almost didn't even want to finish it.

KSTAAA181547d ago

Was a little disappointed by Beyond .. Only played through once and didnt feel the need to play it again. Whereas Heavy Rain I ended up getting the platinum trophy.

level 3601547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I got a brand new one on sale for AU$24.95 a couple of weeks ago.

Graphics I believe is simply stunning, controls aren't too bad, but the story has a lot of cracks and misses.

Some racial, political agendas gone wrong in there as well.

As for the plot I played it firstly being mostly positive, second time around I'll do it being mostly in negative mode and see if situations do change..