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Last Gen vs. Next Gen: Gears of War Judgment vs. The Order 1886

Karam Elahi writes: "In our sixth round of Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics, we compare screenshots from 2 third-person shooters against each other. From the Xbox 360 side we bring in Gears of War: Judgment, the latest iteration of the highly acclaimed (and much-loved) Gears of War series, and from the next gen category, we bring in The Order: 1886, an exclusive PlayStation 4 title being developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studios." (Gears of War Judgment, PS4, The Order: 1886, Xbox 360)

xSHADOWx  +   211d ago
The Order wins. :)
Walker  +   211d ago
Flawsless Victory !
u got owned  +   211d ago
Is this really necessary? The Order no contest.
Tapioca Cold  +   211d ago
All you fools above: the order hasnt even been releases yet. We all know screens are not accurate representations of final product. Seriously, cant people just think logically on this site?

Do i want this game to be awrsome? Yes. Is it going to BE awesome? Obviously we dont know.
ABizzel1  +   211d ago

You're the one wrong here. Game Informer stated that the order looks as good as it did int trailer running on ps4 hardware, and was one of the best looking games they've ever seen on pc and console.

The point of these screenshots are to compare past gen to current gen. Only the last 4 Gears shots are gameplay, and if Game Informer is to be believed then that's what The Order looks like in game, and The Order looks.significantly better as it should since it's running on vastly better hardware.
u got owned  +   211d ago
@Tapioca Cold

If you think a last gen game will compete with The Order you are the one kidding yourself.

BTW this is the game i'm waiting for PS4.
chrissx  +   211d ago
Gears of war judgement was a very fatigued game and the worst in the series, however the order 1886 feels and looks like a fresh game with a new setting and concept. There's only 1 winner here
FamilyGuy  +   210d ago
The Order makes me think of:

Van Helsing
The League of Extraordinary Gentleman
That new tv show Dracula

and I freakin LOVE IT!
Can't wait to see more and play this game.
TheKayle1  +   211d ago
taking in consideration the difference in art style oh well very close
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ABizzel1  +   211d ago
Not close at all. Only the last 4 Gears are from straight gameplay, and according to Game Informer the Order looks just like that, several months ago.

There is a clear winner here.
TheKayle1  +   211d ago
im talking about graphics..and polygons...well in textures and lightin clearly win the order

dont care talking about gameplay of a game that we dont know pretty much nothing and could be fantastic as horrible
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MRMagoo123  +   211d ago
So you say "taking in consideration the difference in art style oh well very close" then say "dont care talking about gameplay of a game that we dont know pretty much nothing and could be fantastic as horrible" ...........makes me wonder if you dont just have random ppl use your account or have split personalities.

OT there is one clear winner and the order is obviously the better looking game, i didnt think it would be otherwise.
MadSientist89  +   211d ago
GEARS 1 was an awesome game, 2 and 3 sucked.. I'm hoping Gears of war next is alot like the first game.
georgeenoob  +   211d ago
Gears 2 sucked but Gears 3 did NOT suck and is definitely the best gears. Stop "guessing" that it sucked cause you obviously never played it. It improved everything Gears did wrong from the first two.
InTheLab  +   211d ago
Gears 3 is not even close to the original. It's not aweful like Gears 2 but it is nowhere near as good as the first.
Salooh  +   211d ago
I'm with MadSientist89. Bigger game =/= better game. Gears 1 was perfect for me. I love it. Even if i get back to play it right now i will still enjoy it like before and that doesn't happen in many games. It's a gameplay masterpiece. I'm not interested in the new gears at all because i know it won't reach it's level after all these downgraded sequels..
MRMagoo123  +   211d ago
guys you cant agree with MadSientist89, he said something negative about an xbox game so he is an obvious fanboy and now you inthelab and 14febR at also going to be forever labeled as such too, at least in georgenoobs eyes and a few others. Ih and you also have more bubbles than him so that means you are sony fanboys too , hence why i have sooooo many comment bubbles too /s
DigitalRaptor  +   210d ago
In the same way that Uncharted 2 is better than Uncharted 3, Gears 1 is better than its sequels.
MadSientist89  +   210d ago
lol yup the sawed off improved everything right ;)
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Volkama  +   210d ago
Gears 1 was my favourite too. I did enjoy the others as well though, it's been a good series.

Gears 1 was confined and tactical. With the exception of the sniper rifle it was tuned so that you had to out-maneuver and flank the locust.

Gears 2 went for size and cinematic spectacle. It was grand, but the gameplay devolved into "stop and pop". Like pretty much every other cover-based shooter.

Gears 3 continued the trend from 2, all spectacle. It did a better job of it. Gameplay was stop and pop again.

Gears 3 had the best multiplayer of them.

Gears Judgement I haven't played, so can't comment.
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kiz2694  +   211d ago
I don't understand why Gears and the order are being compared, all they share is that they a TPS's. The setting and views are completely different. The order is much more serious that a over the top sci fi shooter. stop the comparisons.
Angainor7  +   211d ago
don't want to troll here, honestly, but you do realize that we are talking about different generations right, so the winner inevitably is the order, unless you are speaking about the general style which is subjective i guess..
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DialgaMarine  +   210d ago
Forza 5 vs GT6 has proven that generation gaps are a lot less meaningful than people think. Forza 5 was pushing the envelope with XBone hardware (Turn 10 themselves admitted it), and yet GT6 was still actually comparable. Forza 5 may have looked slightly better in the end, but nowhere near enough to justify the fact that it's being compared to 7 year old hardware.

Hell, people try to claim the Wii-U is 8th gen, yet if you take it's best looking games, they still look far worse than the best looking games on PS3. TLoU vs ZombiU anyone?
first1NFANTRY  +   211d ago
No comparison The Order will be a phenomenal game i'm sure.
DialgaMarine  +   211d ago
Ok, seriously?.. Are you seriously going to even try compare these 2 games? At least let some legit The Order gameplay release so that Gears can get completely demolished with at least some dignity.
SynestheticRoar  +   210d ago
What the hell is this. The author of this article should be bitch slap.
xfear2diex  +   210d ago
this is like comparing
to this:
it,s different gen games why comparing them to each other no matter what the latest tech will win against the older one
and yeah the order looking great and that an old build wait till e3 more jaw dropping games will appear there
anyway i hope my point got through
tapmybuttons  +   210d ago
What is the rationale for this article? The Order 1886 and Gears of War Judgement are two different games with different art directions. This is as pointless as comparing GTA V to Saints Row IV just because there both third person open world games.
ratcop22  +   210d ago
Tha fuck?! The order isn't even in 1080p... Those damn black bars...

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