Tomb Raider - Definitive versus PC Video Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "Our dear friends over at PCGamesHardware have posted a video comparison between the Definitive version of Tomb Raider that was recently released on next-gen consoles and the PC version that was released alongside the current-gen version."

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Loadedklip1580d ago

Lara's face looks prettier on the PC version. Don't like the changes they made to her on the PS4.

ipach1580d ago

there is so much compression noise - don't watch it full screen.. and hope you studied your german!

morganfell1580d ago

I personally like the look of Laura. And for some decent vids, here:

ipach1577d ago

yeah, it is a nice looking game. the preorder artbook package is quite nice as well. graphically, i do think it lives in that AC4 place of 'really nice looking sort of last gen engine'. the latest frostbite and the killzone engine probably do a bit more in exuding 'next gen' visual feel. but TR is a super encouraging title and should speak of good things to come from crystal dynamics and devs in general for the ps4/next gen...

WickedLester1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

PC version looks superior in this comparison. Colors look richer and textures have more detail. Then again, I've seen other comparisons where the PS4 version looks better. In the end they both look fantastic.

(Edit) The more I look at this, something seems really off with the PS4's colors. They look seriously washed out and I KNOW that's not the case with this game!

webeblazing1580d ago

yeah everything in the ps4 version looks washed out. color, dof, textures, backgrounds, lighting, shadows, particles effects, etc. not that anyone is surprised tho. i think this will teach fanboys to be humble but i doubt it. they will pretend this never happen and do the same when a dev hype up the next game.

mzupeman1580d ago

To be fair 'webeblazing', there isn't any lack of colors or black levels when actually playing this on the PS4.

webeblazing1580d ago

yea just saying it looks a little washed out. its not a really big deal with all these comparisons about this game. it came out a year ago, its a port. its a great game i just this their trying to take advantage of early adopters of the next gen consoles.

Irishguy951580d ago

This is weird, I don't think either of them look superior. Just different lighting and the Ps4 version is darker. To me it seems like SE just wanted it to look different so they could say it's an upgrade. In reality its just the PC version with some new skins and different colouring.

Jughead34161580d ago

I knew PC gamers would say PC looked better. Not this time.

come_bom1580d ago

LOL. I knew a Sony fanboy was going to say this ^^^

Jughead34161580d ago Show
come_bom1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

"Whatever (idiot)"

You should realize that when calling people names, you fail to make your point, you behave like a little brat and nobody takes you seriously after that.

Volkama1579d ago

So which one looks better in stereoscopic 3D?

No? Oh OK then. How about higher res? You choose, 1440p, 4k, or anything in between. No again?

Not this time eh...

seanpitt231580d ago

The ps4 looks better in my opinion.

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