Riot Games to discuss the psychology of online sportsmanship at GDC 2014

GameDynamo - "The announcement - which was made on the official GDC website - highlighted talks from Riot's lead social system designer Jeffrey Lin and Valve technical artist Bronwen Grimes."

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Jdoki1512d ago

Should be interesting...

Not LoL related... But I was recently playing a Smite arena match. It was only my second game with real people rather than the AI tutorials.

Part way through the match one of my 'team-mates' put in chat "ARTEMIS YOU NOOB, JUST UNINSTALL SMITE, YOU SUCK"

Made me lol, as yes I do indeed suck, and yes I am a complete noob. So much for team work.

(In my defence at the end of the match I didn't have the lowest K/D/A, and we won... which of course I put down to my natural MLG abilities in MOBA's :) )